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Our Journey in: Seattle, Washington

We went up to Seattle for Tristan’s cousin’s wedding recently, and we kind of fell in love with the city.  There’s something a little mysterious and a little beautiful about it.  The cool air and landscape covered in green trees was really refreshing.

Let’s go through some highlights…

Here’s our car for the vacation.  We dubbed him “Lightning McQueen!”  Our first place to go was to get ourselves into the city.  This moment has to be one of my favorite moments on any trip — that moment when you first get to set eyes on the city you’ve seen so much in pictures.

Kerry Park is a necessary stop when you’re in Seattle.  Here, you’ll get the best view of the city (ideal if you want that postcard-worthy shot).  There’s benches to relax and unwind as well.  Just be cautious with parking; it’s along neighborhoods, and we learned that it doesn’t matter which way your car is facing as far as forwards or backwards goes.  If you find a spot, you just park.
We also got to play at the playground for a bit, spending a chunk of time trying to figure out how these new features work.  Have we gotten that old?
We finished absorbing that grand city view then drove into the city for some lunch.  Adam Richman’s Man vs. Food was the inspiration to this delicious spot.  Seafood cravings?  Head to The Crab Pot.  You place your order, they bring it out in a bowl, then dump it all in front of you.  You get a bib to keep your clothes clean then dig in!


After that we just decided to unwind, but once the sun went down, we decided to head back to Kerry Park to see the evening skyline.  I have to say, it is definitely worth it.  The Space Needle was looking mighty triumphant, and the city was simply glowing.
The next day, we had booked a food tour with Savor Seattle.  Worth. Every. Penny.  I’ll have to save that tour for a future post, but let’s just start off with the morning.  For breakfast, we stopped by Top Pot Doughnuts as we’ve heard rave reviews about this place.  I got the cinnamon blueberry doughnut, and they were the perfect blend of fluffy and doughy goodness.


Don’t think we didn’t stop at the famous Pike Place Market!  Delicious food and fun things to enjoy at every corner.  Rightfully so, this was where our food tour took place.

We took some time out to check out the Space Needle as well. This iconic Seattle structure is an observation tower built for the 1962 World’s Fair.  You’ll find the view of some really amazing landmarks, but don’t stress about purchasing the souvenir photo. You can e-mail it to yourself (not sure if you’d want to pay for it anyways)!


Right next door, you’ll find the Experience Music Project and the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame.  Both worth the time if you have the time to spare.
On our last day there, we decided to venture out in to Chinatown to have some dim sum and boba before saying our goodbyes to family and heading to the airport.  Dim sum wasn’t too bad, Seattle Chinatown.
One of the most memorable things about Seattle was really the untouched lands.  You’re driving along the freeway and simply surrounded by tall, tall trees.  Several times we really felt like we had walked into the Twilight movies.  Quote of the trip – “This is so scary!  There’s vampires and werewolves out here!”  We were definitely not home anymore with this level of natural beauty surrounding us.

Of course, I couldn’t go without a tribute to the beautiful bride and groom!  Congratulations, lovebirds!!  We are so grateful to have been a part of this celebration and to get to experience this beautiful city you call home!

Other highlights:

  • Having the drunk boyfriend make me pull over multiple times on our drive back to Seattle after the wedding.  Hah.
  • Paying for gas at some creepy gas station in the middle of nowhere.
  • Auntie Alma’s cats — especially Toby.
  • Joining the I-accidentally-dropped-my-prized-piece-of-technology-in-the-toilet club.  My camera’s a goner, and I just bought a new one about an hour ago online.  Sigh.  I’ve always had a camera on me since early high school.  It’s nice to catch Kodak moments and have keepsakes to share with loved ones.  I doubt anything big will happen before it comes in the mail, but it feels so strange not having a camera on me.  Thank goodness the memory card is still good!
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