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Our Journey In: Boston, MA

When I think of Boston, I think of history and movies.  History because of the obvious and movies because, well, a lot of movies take place in Boston or have characters from Boston. The one thing I’ve never thought about when it came to Boston is the fall season.

My husband’s best friend moved out to Boston about a year ago, and we told ourselves we would go out there to visit one day.  I think it’s pretty clear that we love to venture out and see new things on a regular basis so there was never any hesitation.  It was just a matter of when.  Turns out our anniversary was a great weekend for all of us, and that was that.

I’ve been to Boston before with my family when I was a freshman in college.  It was via tour bus so we made a few stops around the city, got a quick history lesson, then headed to the next state.  It was pretty cool being able to see some of the same landmarks again, but it was even better to be able to really soak in the city.  My husband, however, had never seen Boston so to be able to experience everything brand new AND get to catch up with his friend made this city a winner.

I’m not sure how we would’ve felt about the city if it were any other season, but we walked away agreeing that the city was just beautiful.  Autumn is spectacular.  Is that overestimating it?  I don’t know, but I was definitely shocked when I saw all of the different colored leaves everywhere.  The trees were even pretty at night.  I love my palm trees and my evergreens, but this was really something else.


We arrived Thursday night, so our itinerary below begins with Friday morning as Day One.  Once we got there, the night was perfectly cool.  We took a walk around our friend’s neighborhood, then headed to the local burger joint Tasty Burger.  It was good, but I wasn’t blown away.  When am I ever with burgers?  I’m an In-N-Out girl through and through.  If anything, they almost had me at the cute burger wrappers.

Tasty Burger | Several locations

Day One (see the full post here!)
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Boston Public Garden
Beacon Hill
Acorn Street

Day Two (see the full post here!)
Freedom Trail
North End
Water Shuttle

Day Three
Harpoon Brewery
South Boston
Boston Marathon Finish Line

On Day Four, we walked over to Charles River Esplanade to soak in that last bit of autumn beauty and catch a view of the river before heading to the airport right after.

Charles River Esplanade | Storrow Drive, Boston, MA 02114




We had intentions of going on the Duck Tour, but they were sold out on our Day One.  We were told by a few people that we were pretty much seeing everything on the tour based on our itinerary anyway; the only thing we would miss would be seeing the city from the water.  That would’ve probably been the ideal route if we didn’t have friends in town to give us tips and review our itinerary (lol), so if you’re ever planning a visit, try to book a Duck Tour in advance.  Also, at the end of the Freedom Trail on Day Two, we ended up taking a water shuttle to get back to our starting point, so we still got to see the city from the water 🙂

The other thing we didn’t do was go visit the schools – MIT and Harvard.  I had already seen them when I visited with my family, so it wasn’t priority for me.  My husband wanted more leisure time and didn’t want to rush anywhere to hit too many landmarks, so we decided not to go.  If you love beautiful architecture and/or visiting different universities, I recommend them.  I love seeing different campuses for some reason; they each tend to radiate a different personality which I’m oddly fascinated by.

We went ahead and bought the 7-day subway pass for the rest of the trip.  Definitely worth the purchase since you can probably get anywhere faster on foot than by car.  Both my husband’s friend and a friend of mine don’t own cars while living out there.  Definitely a little foreign for a Californian, but it’s always a bit relaxing knowing that we wouldn’t be sitting in traffic trying to get anywhere.  That was really a great thing about Boston — everything is pretty closeby and walkable.

The temperature each day after we arrived dropped pretty significantly, but we were thankful that it was just a chill and nothing more.  The day after we left, however, it rained; and we found out that pretty much all of the leaves had fallen from the trees due to it.  I guess we made it just in time!  My friend told me it’s not normal for them to have so many leaves still up once November hits, so I guess we were really lucky.

Thanks to our friends Albert and Patty for letting us stay with them.  This trip definitely wouldn’t have been as fun and memorable without them as our hosts.  Their dog Bane was also a great host!  Actually, I do have to thank Bane for something in particular. He made it clear to us that Dominic knew what a dog was and how to say it.  One day Bane came running out in the room, and Dominic (very surprisingly) said “Hi Dog!”  We all looked at each other like the craziest thing just happened.  “DID HE JUST SAY ‘HI DOG’?!?”  That was pretty exciting.  He said it pretty much every time he saw Bane after that.

Until next time, Boston — of which, there will most likely be a “next time” as long as our friends are there!  Autumn again?  Or perhaps Spring?  I’m sure Dominic is excited and ready to go as long as he gets to eat those 100 calorie Chips Ahoy snack packs that Southwest serves on their flights now.  Yes, this trip also had us discovering that he’s a bit of a cookie monster. 🙂

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