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Our Journey In: Almond Beach | Hopkins, Belize

After our bit of adventure in the Belizean jungle in Belmopan for our babymoon, we headed out to the Belizean beach in Hopkins. The drive was about 1.5 hrs, but what a huge change in scenery.  We found ourselves being driven on dirt roads against resort after resort.  Before bumping into the resort were plenty of local eats that would have required a golf cart or bicycle to get to them comfortably.  It’s the one thing I wish we could have done since I love exploring local eateries, but the baby bump + golf carts + dirt roads did not sound like a grand idea.  We ended up eating at the resort and more walkable places which still wasn’t half bad.

Ah, time to relax and unwind at the beach…

I have to admit that when we first went to our room, we were ecstatic to have air conditioning again.  It’s so nice to shower and not feel sticky icky right after getting out!  Tristan was also stoked about getting to use a TV during downtime again; and although Caves Branch had filtered water, Almond Beach had ice COLD filtered water.  Oh, the first world treasures we neglect so very often…
We took the time to unwind and enjoy the scenery, then we booked a trip to the Great Belize Barrier Reef for the next morning.
Hopped onto a boat at 8am, cruised out 14 miles, and found ourselves in crystal clear water in search of beautiful sea life.  More to come on this adventure because there is just too much I want to recollect!  It was a dream!  I hope our little one enjoyed it just as much as I did (see the full post here!).

The rest of the day we pretty much found ourselves leisurely enjoying the resort and taking strolls along the shoreline.  We found a few eateries we wanted to try out, but below is where we dined at the resort.  You can’t really tell due to the lighting, but the room was surrounded by glass doors.  Right outside the doors was the sand.  Walk a few more feet and you’ll find the ocean.  It was a grand location.

One of our favorite things at this resort was the ice cream happy hour!  It was basically 3 scoops for the price of 2.  Here we got to try a few local flavors like soursop, craboo, and Belizean coffee.  Of course, we also indulged in flavors like coconut, chocolate, and caramel… whatever tickled our tastebuds!

The next day, we found our favorite breakfast spot about 2 resorts down.  The restaurant was called Love on the Rocks, and they served a great, healthy breakfast with lots of fruits that we weren’t finding at our resort.  We spent the rest of the day taking a dip in the beach, swimming in the infinity pool, then enjoying dinner at Chef Rob’s.  It was on days like this that we really got to soak in each other’s company and reflect on our lives and what’s to come.  It was really what the babymoon is all about.

Our final day, we really just soaked up every minute of peace that we could as the sun twinkled on the water in front of us and the warmth of the days consumed us.  It was nice to have nothing to do on our plates besides figure out what we should eat next.  No dinner to cook, no laundry to wash, no house to clean — nothing.  It was much needed.  It was exactly what most parents told us to do because once our baby is born, it would be what we craved the most.  It’s the moments where you find love in each other and nothing in the world could bother you.  It’s peace and relaxation within each other.
Lucky for me, Tristan made sure there was a hour set aside for me to get a prenatal massage.  He is just too perfect.  I wanted him to get a massage as well, but there was only an opening for one appointment on this day.  I wish we had thought to book our appointments sooner!

This evening, we went to dinner at Love on the Rocks, the same place we had breakfast.  See, on certain nights, the restaurant served food that could be cooked on 700 degree lava rocks that held it’s heat throughout the entire meal.  It was such a cool experience.  I had the steak while Tristan ordered the surf & turf.  Because they didn’t have the cut of steak that ordered, they gave us some extra shrimps to “grill.”
The fun part about this dinner was finding out that the wife of our waiter was also expecting.  She was expecting her second child, and we had a quick talk about pregnancy and mommyhood.  I just remember being so excited and happy for each other!  It was nice to have someone to relate to.  She told me she was going to stop working at around 26 weeks which sounded like a dream to me.  Haha.  Anyway, the couple treated us to a dessert on the house.  We were so thankful, and I’m sure Baby R was happy too.
We were a little on the fence about taking a babymoon with so many other expenses that would come along with having a baby, but we’re so thankful that we took this trip.  It gave us the moments we really needed to stop and reflect on our lives.  I can’t believe how much time has passed and how much our lives have changed in such a short amount of time.  I feel so fortunate for every breath I’ve been able to take during this adventure with Tristan, and you can bet that we’re very excited to see what else is to come.  Our little one is kicking around in my belly right this instant, and it makes me kinda giggle thinking that he’s in agreement with me.  “I’m glad you did this for you and daddy, mom!  Thumbs up!”
Aside from the moments between Tristan and myself on this trip, I hope that this trip instilled a sense of love for travel and adventure in our little one because we definitely plan to take him on our journey of seeing the world.  I wouldn’t dare wish for him to feel engulfed in a bubble at home.  I hope for him to see how beautiful the world outside him truly is and to really understand all the gifts we have that go unnoticed.  Oh, there’s so much I want to share with him already…

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