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Our International Travel Checklist (for Baby Too!)

So, 3 domestic trips and 1 big international trip later, we’ve been able to determine some of the best items to have handy on our vacations with a baby.  I’m sharing them below along with links to where you can find the items.  Hopefully you’ll find this helpful and eliminate some of the guessing on your upcoming travels.  If there are items you can’t live without while traveling, I’d love to know too!

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Gear for International Trips:
1. Power Adapter – This allows you to convert the international outlet to suit your normal plug.
2. Simran Deluxe Step Down Converter – This will convert the voltage up or down for safe usage (shoutout to our friend Jen for letting us borrow her’s!)
3. Surge Protector Power Strip – Handy to use with the converter so you can plug in multiple devices at once instead of just one.  So, so useful (also Jen’s handy tip. Haha 🙂  It was a lifesaver).
4. Fuelbelt Super Stretch Waistpack – This is typically used by runners, but we use this to hold our money and credit cards close to our body for safety (vs. using wallet which is easy to be pick-pocketed).  This is worn UNDER the clothes and not like a fanny pack.

General Gear:
1. Crossbody bag (linked is one similar to the one I wore in Boston) – For me, I always use a crossbody bag to carry my stuff.  It keeps my items to a minimum due to the smaller size, and it stays close to my body so it’s always in my vision.  Try to get one with a zipper and/or flap closure for peace of mind.
2. Camelbak – We don’t fill it with water, but rather we use it because it’s a convenient and lightweight backpack for carrying essentials and/or use as a diaper bag.
3. Sturdy, Colored Luggage Tags – Not necessary, but it’s handy to give you more peace of mind that the luggage tag won’t fall off and is also a good marker to avoid a mix-up if someone has a similar bag.

Necessary Apps:
1. Google Maps – Bookmark all of your must-see places beforehand and utilize the map when you get there to make sure you hit all of your destinations
2. Google Translate – With this, you can hold the phone up to the words to be translated, and it’ll translate the words for you.  It was very handy when my husband had to go to the pharmacy in Paris for medication.  It’ll also translate words and phrases to the language of choice so that you can try to speak a little of the local language.
3. TripAdvisor (optional) – This app has a bunch of useful walking tours that’ll help you hit all of the major spots.  If you don’t want to plan your own guide for the trip, go through the tour options on the app!

For Baby:
1. Goodbaby GB QBit Stroller – We bought this stroller specifically for Europe, and it was extremely handy.  It folds and unfolds easily, and it also folds VERY small (fits easily into the overhead bin in the airplane).  We received multiple compliments on it and even had another couple planning to purchase it for their next vacation!  It also comes with a carrying bag.
2. Ergo Baby Carrier or 360 here – Any baby carrier that works for you will work!  It was great for short sight-seeing trips and areas that we knew wouldn’t be stroller friendly (hello, cobblestone).
3. Happy Baby Food Pouches – Basically, any food/snacks that baby is familiar with is handy to have around.  Just like us, they’ll start to miss their regular snacks.  Dominic was always excited when we would offer the food pouch.
4. Fave Books – I carried a few of his favorite books on the plane and a few just sat around wherever we stayed.  I also packed 1 brand new one just to mix it up.  We normally read with him on my lap at home, so I feel that it made him more comfortable in a foreign place to still be able to do this.
5. Amazon Fire Tablet – We don’t let Dominic play with technology much, but we figured since there’s a lot of idle time in the plane, we may need extra distractions before he gets too impatient.  We bought this tablet mostly for the price since we didn’t want to invest in something expensive on our first trip.  Good thing too, because he dropped it many times.  We also used it for Netflix so he can watch Daniel Tiger.  It’s important to note that what Netflix offers changes in each country, so some countries didn’t even offer Daniel Tiger.  Whoops.
6. Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair – Not everywhere will have high chairs available, so when we wanted to eat a proper dinner, we’d bring this portable high chair with us so that Dominic (and, let’s face it, we) can enjoy meals independently vs. sitting on our laps.
7. Munchkin 360 Sippy Cup – He drinks very well with a cup and straw, but these are necessary if you’re on the go, and they need a sip of water.  I love this cup in particular because it’s spill-proof and mimics a real cup.
8.  Everest Cooler Lunch Bag – Handy when you need to pack anything that needs to stay cool like milk!  We would either pack our own ice packs or ask the hotel for bags of ice.
8.  Don’t forget a lovey! 🙂

Baby-Friendly Packing Tip: If you’re bringing the car seat, make sure you buy a car seat bag to keep it safe.  The best part?  Car seats are typically already a free check-in item, so we normally store extra diapers and other extra baby things in the bag to make room in our luggage for our stuff.

International Necessities:
1. Photocopies of passports – If you happen to lose your passport on your travels, you can be denied back into your home country.  Making photocopies gives you all the information you need to help you file a police report and obtain a replacement.  Keep these separate from where you’ll keep your actual passports (ie. If your travel buddy is carrying the passports, you should carry the copies.  They should not be on the same person).
2. International phone plan – Not necessary, but helpful so that you can use your phone as usual.  You should be able to purchase with a data limit or pay a little more to have your regular service.
3. Credit cards (at least 2 of them) with smart chips – Smart chips are necessary in some countries now, so make sure yours has it.  Have 2 just in case you lose one or a store doesn’t take a certain card.  Also, before you select which cards to bring, check which cards don’t have foreign transaction fees to save yourself a few bucks.

Got some other favorite apps or gear for your travels?  Please share in the comments.  We love learning new tips and tricks!

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