I feel like so much happened in such little time this year.  I woke up today and had an overwhelming feeling rush over me.  I looked over at my son who was just wiggling as he was about to wake up. I can’t believe it’s been a year.  He looked at me with his goofy morning grin, and I said the inevitable – “Happy Birthday, baby.”  I wonder if he understood that this was a celebration after hearing it so much over the weekend, because he dove onto my chest with a big smile and just layed there looking at me.  A kiss on his forehead sealed the moment.

One year since my life completely changed.  One year since this little guy came into our lives.  One year since I’ve felt a ridiculously overwhelming feeling of love and happiness and exhaustion every day.  One year since my life suddenly gained so much more meaning.  SO much change in such little time…

We had a big birthday party for him yesterday which I’ll share more about later.  It was an amazing day, and Dominic definitely had some fun.  Today, we just went with the flow.  We saw some Christmas decorations at LA Live, then we went to enjoy some Korean BBQ for dinner.  He’s such a fancy baby.

I couldn’t be happier.  I’m nearly without words.  He brings so much joy into our lives that I almost wish we had him around sooner. The upcoming years are going to be such an adventure.  He is such a sweet and happy baby with already so much personality – we should’ve known what a blast he’d be after he flashed us this smile on the day we were going to take him home.

Happy birthday, sweet baby.  I wish for so many wonderful things for your future.

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