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Our Journey in: Miami, Florida

So, for our one year anniversary, we decided to book a cruise to the Bahamas, but in order to get to the cruise, we needed to fly into… Miami, Florida.

Knowing that we wanted to see a bit more of this famous city, we flew in on a red eye landing us in Miami at 6am EST before the cruise, and we flew out later in the day after we got back from the cruise.  Yes, we’re crazy.  We wanted to make use of the time as much as we could, and at least get in a sneak peak of the city’s highlights.

Weather?  It was hot.  It was humid.  Florida was exactly what I remembered it to be when my parents took me as a child.  The bonus on this trip is that I didn’t get any mosquito bites!  I can’t say the same about my husband though — my poor love.

Anyhow, our whirlwind visit to Miami was well worth it.  We looked for cheap housing so we can freshen up and have a place to hold our luggage, and we decided that if we ever wanted to see what a hostel was like, this was the time.  Yup, we stayed at a hostel for half a day.  It was cool, but he and I both agreed that it probably would have been fun to continue going to hostels if we were younger.  We’re older now, and our body’s needs for comfort and convenience are a little more demanding.  I won’t rule out international hostels as you can find ones even better maintained than hotels if you do your research.

We did some exploring in South Beach which was pretty much what you’d imagine it to be.  Very touristy, but oddly magical.  It’s like you walk straight into a movie with endless beachside dining and building after building painted in pastel colors.  The beach was so serene and much cleaner than I had expected.  Granted, we were there early in the afternoon, but it really was peaceful.

After the cruise, we took advantage of the time we built in before the flight home to enjoy a bit more of Miami.  We checked out the Bayside Market, walked by the American Airlines Arena, and enjoyed our last vacation meal in Little Havana.

I’ve heard Miami is a great spot for bar hopping, so I assume if I were to ever come back, it would be to come back with friends.  We saw all of the hot spots within the span of about 12 hours, but I guess we have to also consider that we didn’t get to eat at any of the amazing restaurants we were looking at.  Our only solid meal in Miami was in Little Havana, and that meal didn’t fail.  Okay, maybe next time I go to Miami it’ll be to check out the bar scene with friends… and eat delicious eats.
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