Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Vol 3

Dominic, I can’t believe a month has passed by already.  You’ve grown and changed so much since I first said “hello” to you when you were born!

It’s also National Hug Day!

You’re sitting next to your new buddy, Stitch.  You don’t seem too fond of him at the moment, but I’m sure in time you guys will get along.  Your daddy gave him to me during our first year of dating.  He was my “little angel.”  Now, he’s yours.

Here’s a few things you’ve learned this past month:

  • You can hold your head up for a good 5 seconds now.  You’re so determined!  Whenever we try to burp you over the shoulder, you use your arms to try to push you and your head up.  You’re getting stronger every day!
  • You started eating up to 4 ounces a day.  You started off with 2, but you kept asking for more.  We’ve taken you down to 3 now as we noticed you started to get really uncomfortable after finishing 4.  We realized you got that from your dad – you can’t seem to stop eating when the food tastes so good! (and then you regret it)
  • You’re chubbing up!  I’m starting to see some rolls on your thighs.  It’s cute.  You’ve probably gained over 2lbs already.
  • You laughed a little laugh today.  You were half asleep as you normally are when you’re smiling.  I can’t wait until I can make you laugh in a few months.
  • You and the swaddle aren’t friends.  Your hands make their way out 99% of the time.  Sometimes you’ll look snug in it when you sleep, but when you wake up, your arms are out!
  • You held a bottle!  Well, you had one fist underneath it and one fist on top of it, so you technically weren’t holding it.  You were balancing it.  You sure love to eat.
You’ve met quite a lot of aunties and uncles this month who adore you so much already and grandparents that are completely charmed by you.  I’m excited to see your relationship grow with all of the great people we’ve surrounded ourselves with.  It sounds like you just started waking up from your nap, so I’ll see you soon, baby boy. <3
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