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Apple Picking at Oak Glen

Ever bump into a local town that makes you feel like you’re no longer home?  Enter Oak Glen.
On our way home from Palm Springs, we planned to visit this little town I found online.  They’re known for their apple orchards where you can go and pick your own apples.  Not only that, but there’s tons of fresh-baked apple goodies, and you can even press your own apple cider!

It sounded adorable and after we finished our visit, we both agreed that it made our little weekend escape so much more priceless and meaningful as we truly felt like we left the city.
First stop was lunch at Angus McCurdy’s where we each had a delicious burger and an apple pie milkshake.  Oh, the milkshake was delicious!  There was an actual slice of apple pie in it so you would get pieces of the crunchy piecrust as you enjoyed the thick milkshake.  Yum yum…



We also made a quick stop at Oak Tree Village which looked like a fun family-friendly spot.  We stopped mainly to see if we could grab an apple empanada at Apple Annie’s, but the line was just far too long.  Next time!  We opted to head over to the orchards to do some apple picking.
You’ll drive through windy roads and slowly soak in autumn colors around you.  There are multiple orchards along the route.  There’s a few at the beginning of Oak Glen, but we drove up to see what else the town had to offer (and just to really get an idea of how big this area was).  We love to venture out.
The first orchard was Los Rios Rancho where we actual tried to pick some apples.  There weren’t that many that looked good on the trees, so if you ever plan to go, definitely plan to go earlier in the season.  I’ve heard the trees are so full of apples once apple picking season starts.  We just went for fun and not necessarily seeking apples to bring home, so we weren’t really bummed.


On our way back out of town, we made a stop at the first orchard (and probably the most popular) – Riley’s Apple Farm.  What an adorable place!  Most of the staff actually dressed like they were in colonial times, so it really added to the fun.  It definitely felt like a little farm area with activities scattered around.
Here we got to watch people press their own cider, and Tristan got to try his hand with a bow and arrow!  He was so excited too considering what our new favorite television show is…




Before we left Riley’s, we each had a cup of fresh hot apple cider which was so soothing.  We sat on a bench and just people-watched as we sipped.  What a perfect end.
I really wanted to see the orchard next door too — Willowbrook Apple Farm — but it closed at 4pm.  We probably headed over there 5 minutes before 4pm, so it was too late.  There will be another time 🙂  It worked out pretty well though as the clouds started to thicken and the temperature got increasingly chilly.  It was pretty much our cue to head home.


What a cute little town, huh?  I’m really excited to take our kids one day and have them pick some apples.  I’m hoping to make it a fun family event that we can do every year.  It’s so incredibly family friendly that it would be hard for me to resist making this a tradition!
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