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Nothing Short of a Beautiful View in Vista Hermosa

T and I have a very soft spot for Downtown LA.  It’s where we first met, so every time we drive out, it always comes with a refreshment of good memories.

Now that we have our little guy, most of our time in DTLA is really spent eating and sight-seeing (as opposed to visiting rooftop bars and fancy lounges :).  There is a plethora of delicious food out here that we could easily be trying a new restaurant out for the rest of our lives, but it can sometimes be difficult to find one that’s really worth dealing with the inevitable parking and traffic issues.  Well, somehow the stars aligned, and we ended up with a delicious meal and a great new spot to enjoy it all.
We always try to stay alert on new things to do in LA, and we knew we had to visit Vista Hermosa Natural Park once we saw a photo of the view.  Tristan and I love a good skyline, and Vista Hermosa does not disappoint.  I mean, check this out.
I don’t know when exactly this new park opened, but it’s very clean and modern unlike most of the parks in Downtown.  In fact, I’ve read that it’s the first park that has opened in the area in more than 100 years.
There’s a decent amount of parking and a field where a soccer game was taking place.  In order to enjoy the view though, you need to head upwards on a hill.  There are stairs if you choose to take the faster route.  As you head upwards, you’ll see large areas of lawn for picnicking, a pond, and a play area for kids.  One thing I really loved was finding all of the native California plants lining the trail and the blooming spring flowers.


Near the top, you’ll find this bench with an open view of the city.  I have to say, this spot is incredibly photogenic.  Tristan and I – we’re definitely in love with this park, and we’re putting it on our list to take our out-of-town guests whenever they’re here.  It reminded me a lot of Seattle’s Kerry Park.

We went down towards the large lawn area to have our little picnic.  Having a toddler at a picnic is quite a challenge.  Every time I put the blanket down, he would plop himself on it and roll around in it as if it were a bed. Haha. I had to reset it a few times before Tristan just held onto him.

Also, Tristan got me this picnic blanket a long time ago, but it has got to be one of the best things ever for park days.  It rolls up into a convenient little carry bag so it always stays neat and tidy in my car (and it never leaves my car).  You can find one like it here!



^ Practicing his squats. Haha

For lunch, we grabbed the chicken sandwich at Birdies and a few of their signature donuts.  Everything was delicious!  The donuts we got were the lemon, thyme, pistacio; horchata; and maple bacon.

After we finished eating, we let Dominic explore and just leisurely walked around to enjoy the moment.  I loved just taking this day slowly and soaking in every bit of it.  We need that every now and then – sometimes more than we believe.









Vista Hermosa translates to “Beautiful View,” and it definitely was in so many ways during this visit.  This spot has made it onto our favorites, and we will definitely be back with some more good DTLA eats.
Vista Hermosa Natural Park | 100 N. Toluca Street. Los Angeles, CA 90026
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