Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Vol 1

His eyelashes are growing in.  His tear ducts have too.  His eyelashes have made him more adorable, and his tear ducts are making it harder for me to let him cry.  It’s amazing how much still develops after a baby leaves mommy’s womb.  I feel like he changes a little every day.

He seems to get cuter and cuter every day.  I can’t contain myself when we lock eyes.  My heart just turns into complete mush!  I have to admit I’ve felt so torn – a part of me wants him to stay adorably tiny and helpless, and a part of me can’t wait for him to grow up and run up to me asking to go play at the park.  It’s going to be so much fun, but I know I will really miss these tiny moments where he just fidgets and makes the most heartwarming baby noises.  On the topic of baby noises, he sure loves to make them!  He makes precious little sounds all day…

He had his 2 week appointment this week, and he’s gained a full pound!  Baby is eating well and thankfully I’ve been able to give him 100% of mother’s milk.  Despite being free in terms of money, it’s been taking up a lot of time in my day to be able to provide his meals.  The days have just been flying by.  I also think he’s going through a growth spurt which has made things even more challenging considering we have to run on less sleep with frequent feedings.  It’s a little rough because he actually gave us 6 hours of straight sleep the other day!  For the past day or two, however, he’s been waking up every 3 hours again which I guess isn’t horrible (or is it?).

Anyway, we took some newborn photos over the weekend for keepsake.  I finally got the courage to do a shoot using the Manual mode on my camera (haha), and the photos turned out pretty beautiful!  For photos with me in it, I just adjusted the settings and had my husband take the photos.  He did really well! 🙂  I’m happy with the final product and thought I’d share a few of my favorite shots.



In other news, we went out to eat yesterday for the first time since baby.  We had lunch at Souplantation!  It worked out really well since we could eat at our own pace, and it was easy for us to take turns watching Dominic.  I have to say, it was so nice to be outside of the house doing something other than going to the doctor.  Dominic was pretty well behaved too.  We actually had plans to take a walk around the neighborhood, but it got incredibly windy.  We’re hoping to start taking walks soon since it’s good for us all to get a little fresh air!

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