Moms (and Dads) Don’t Get Sick Days

So, I caught some kind of bug.  Went to work and made it about halfway through the day and had to get myself home to lie down.  Coughing, aching, exhaustion.
This is really just a note of gratefulness.  On the way home, I went to grab some ingredients to make some Vietnamese chicken noodle soup, and my husband got the pot boiling.  I got home, cooked, ate, and laid down on our bed.  My husband was finishing up some laundry in our room while Dominic was bouncing around the bed undoing any laundry that was being done.  It was fun watching them.

At some point, my husband took Dominic and told him “mommy needs to rest,” and off they went downstairs to play.  That made me feel fantastic.  I was feeling a little drained because I went home to rest, but I still had to cook and help watch and care for our son.  Sick days are different now.  It’s not like life pre-baby when you could go home sick and vegetate in front of the TV with a giant blanket and a cup of tea.  Your child owns the TV.  There’s no going around the parenting thing.  Basically, I’m thankful for a great, considerate husband.  I napped a good nap.

Before he was swept away though (and after he got bored of throwing the laundry everywhere), Dominic crawled up to me for a little snuggle.   He is truly a momma’s boy.  I remembered when he wasn’t crawling yet, I would take selfies of us just lying down together.  I haven’t done that in a while, so I snapped a few of us here right before he grabbed my face and gave a big, happy chuckle.

Oh, my boys.  They make me so happy doing the sweetest, simplest things.

Now, if only the sweetness could cure whatever this illness is…

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