Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Vol 8

I don’t know where he learns things from.  I feel like when I learn something new, I have to be so observant, but for him?  Oh, him… he can just go about his day and somehow pick up habits from everyone so effortlessly.  It’s like second nature.  He’s seriously a little baby sponge… soaking up everything around him.

Like why does he look like a big kid writing here?  How did he know to sit and write on the paper and hold everything the way he’s holding it?  I didn’t teach him that at all.

He does this cute head nod when he’s trying to be goofy.  My mom said he’s a trickser – being so effortlessly cute you’ll give in to everything he wants.  When he first said “yum yum” while eating, I had no idea where that came from.  He does it all the time now when he’s eating something he likes.  And you know those Coca Cola commercials where they take a sip of soda then go “Ahhhhh.”  Yeah, this little guy does that too.  With water.  This, at least, I know his grandpa taught him.  His grandpa (aka my dad) taught that to my siblings and myself too. Haha.

The other day while I was putting him to bed, he made it clear that he’s a momma’s boy.  I was lying in bed with him while Tristan was up getting ready to say “goodnight” then head downstairs.  While he was saying goodnight to Dominic, D just looked at him and said “just go.”  WHAT?!  Who taught you that???  Then he proceeded to burrow into my arms.  You got spunk, little guy.

Last night, I looked at him and said “How did you get so cute, huh??”  like a rhetorical question expecting no response and that he would just continue playing.  Instead, he looked at me, shrugged, and smiled.  WHAT?!  Who taught you how to shrug?? You’re too freakin’ cute!

Clearly this was just me plopping a bunch of memories of his growth lately into one post, but his developing personality just blows my mind.  Some of these memories just crack me up that I want to remember them forever too.  I can’t wait to what else he’ll decide to learn and do as we experience more of this life together.

My smart and silly little munchkin. <3

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