A Memoir To Our Very First Home

I didn’t even set foot inside this house when we made an offer. I was pretty much tired of losing house after house that when Tristan said this one looked good, I told him to go ahead and put an offer in.  I just trusted his judgment, but most of all I didn’t want to see it and get my hopes up. Now, suddenly, it’s no longer ours.  We’re officially moving.

We’ve lived in this house for a little over 3 years. It’s been so good to us. When we moved in, we barely had anything. We only had stuff to fill one bedroom, so practically everything we own started its story in this house. It’s so bittersweet mostly because, well, our family started in this house.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I look at old photos of myself as a kid in my home at the time, I always wonder what the rest of the house looked like.  I wanted to remember the little details of this home, so we did a little photo session to capture some of the memories of us before we move out. We did it all with a tripod, a remote, and some patience :). If you ever find yourself moving out, don’t be afraid of take some photos before you go because it’ll be the only way to revisit the space and remember all of the little details (and also share them with your littles when they get older :).

I love looking at these especially now that we’ve taken so much of the decor down and a lot is already in boxes.  Thank you to our townhome. You set us up for a great beginning.

When Dom was a newborn, this is where we would sit to get some skin-to-skin time and to get some vitamin D.

The nursery he used for about 8 months. Ha.  He’s laughing as well.


My heart is full.

Be good to the new owners, loving house.

We’re downsizing to a slightly smaller home, but now we’ll have our own yard to play in which makes us feel like it’s much more grandiose. You all know how we love to be outside. After visiting Europe, the greatest thing we learned is how much fun and joy you can have with very little living space. We have a love of “bigger and better” in America, but I guess you can say we’re deciding to go against the grain a bit by saying our small home can give us equally big and grand memories. We don’t plan to move again after this. It’s our forever home.

Funny backstory: we had zero intentions of moving anytime soon. Our plan was to save up and hopefully find the right house for us in 5ish years. I was at my mom’s house one day, and she casually mentioned that their neighbor was moving out. I thought nothing of it; I just kind of wondered where she was going. Again, zero plans to move. Oddly enough, the second I got home, Tristan texted me saying that the house next door to my parents was on sale. Apparently he and his coworker got bored at work and just decided to browse to see what kind of houses were on sale. When I went online, I found out that there was an open house happening at the moment, so I called my parents to see if they’d wanna see it. Well, I drove back to meet them there, and the house looked like the kind of house we were looking for from the beginning – 3 years ago. It needs some love, but the foundation was there. In a “what do we have to lose?” move, we put down an offer (without Tristan seeing the house haha). If we didn’t get it, fine. If we got it, great. That same week we put our house up for sale. A LOT of stars needed to align for us to get this house because if our house didn’t sell then we couldn’t get the new house. People always warned me that townhomes are hard to sell, so I was a little nervous. Well, after the first week, we had 3 offers. We opened up escrow for both homes, and now, we’re packing up, and becoming my parents’ neighbors.

Just goes to show you that some things just fall into place when it’s time. <3

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  • Reply Solianny

    What a beautiful home. I love the decor! Congratulations on the new home. Such a sweet post! – can’t wait to see the house!!

    June 6, 2017 at 8:35 am
    • Reply Vy

      Thank you, Solianny! Hopefully our new home will be ready sooner than later 🙂 Would love to have you guys over!

      June 27, 2017 at 10:34 pm

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