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Maternity Session – Just Do It

With the reality of our new lives settling in, the husband and I have slowly been reminiscing what life was like before our little one arrived.  We’re so glad we took advantage of every opportunity we could to relish our lives with just the two of us.  I mean, we are so very happy for the change, but it’s just that – it’s change.

We traveled, we went out on date nights, and we had our cuddle nights.  Some nights I remember I could barely even walk, but I wanted to savor what we had built so strong before we embarked on our new journey.  It’s hard to believe that less than a month ago, all we had was each other.  Now, we have a little family.  Sometimes when I’m holding Dominic in my arms, I still have a hard time believing it.  We made this adorable little guy.
Looking back, I am thankful we decided to do a maternity session.  We did this with our wedding photographer which was fantastic because we already knew we could trust him.  Nonetheless, a maternity session allowed us to capture this time – a time where we were so invested in each other and yet fully anticipating investing the same kind of love with our upcoming bundle of joy.
I just wanted to share a few of my favorite shots, thank our favorite photographer Roger Yu, and encourage people to have a maternity session done as well.  If you don’t feel like it’s really for you, at least remember to take a lot of photos with that adorable bump.  There will come a time where you will reminisce about the moments from that season in your life pre-baby, and the pictures will bring a smile to your face (you know, like when you see your little one having the hiccups, and you can fondly remember when he’d constantly have hiccups when he was just a bump :).





P.s. If I don’t make any sense in some of my future posts, please remember that I am a new sleep-deprived mom. 🙂

My husband is currently snoring…

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