5 Maternity Must-Haves

Heading towards the end of week 23 of pregnancy, I’ve found some things that have been my lifesavers.  Thought I’d share them because it may help someone else who’s new to the process too.  Also, I might need this for future reference 🙂

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1) Mama Bee Belly Butter: I’m not going to vouch that this stuff will prevent stretch marks yet, so if anything, it’s incredibly soothing.  It’s got a very light scent so it doesn’t trouble the heightened senses, and it just feels nice to give the belly some TLC.  As for the stretch marks, I haven’t gotten any thus far, so it’s so far so good!  I apply it once a day to my belly and back after a shower.
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2) Mama Bee Body Oil: About once a week, I apply this body oil before the belly butter.  People swear that oils help prevent stretch marks by keeping the skin supple as it stretches, but we’ll see!  I really love the citrus scent, and my skin has definitely been oh-so-soft! (Update 2/27/17: If you’re wondering, I did get a few stretch marks when my boy dropped.  He was born 3 days later!  I kept using these Mama Bee products for a year afterwards, and they’re barely noticeable now.  Sharing as I know most moms-to-be will wonder!)
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3) California Baby Bug Spray:  Traveling?  Babymooning?  I brought this bug spray with me to Belize to ward off the bugs and avoid any harmful chemicals from being inhaled or absorbed into my body.  One of my girlfriends recommended this to me after she used it on her trip to the Philippines.  Good news – it works!  I did get a few bug bites on our babymoon (like 6?), but it’s nothing compared to when I didn’t use anything during our trip to Maui.  I got almost 30 bites on that trip!  This product repels bugs with a mixture of essential oils, so it’s the scent that drives them away.  You’ll need to reapply often to make sure that scent is nice and present!
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4) LeachCo Maternity Pillow: Early on in pregnancy, it was so hard to get a good night’s sleep.  Lucky for me, Tristan had been doing some of his research on maternity pillows and found this one.  It had great reviews, and it was being sold at a reasonable pricepoint.  Some of the more expensive ones had lower reviews!  He bought it for me, and I’ve been able to sleep like a baby ever since.  It’s also useful post-pregnancy!
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5) MIF Pre- and Post-Natal Pregnancy Fitness DVDs: This DVD set gives you short workouts to help you stay healthy and fit during pregnancy.  It includes warm-ups and breaks to make sure you’re doing everything safely for your body.  It even includes a video with do’s and don’ts so that you better understand what your limits should be.  If you didn’t work out much prior to pregnancy, it also includes a pre-natal yoga video that you can use to prep yourself for the workout videos.  I got my DVD set at Target.
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If you’re on-the-go and don’t have access to a DVD player, I’ve been using this great video on YouTube.  It’s a 10-minute full-body prenatal workout from Heidi Klum’s trainer.

Other stuff…

There are two apps that have been a staple to my pregnancy.

1) “What to Expect” App

We bought the “What to Expect” book, but it turns out that the information in there is beyond overwhelming.  We still breeze through it from time to time, but the app will give you the essentials you need.  If you find yourself needing more details, refer to the book.  I wouldn’t recommend just reading the book because you will feel like pregnancy has swallowed you whole.

Anyway, each week, this app shares a video with information about baby’s growth progress.  I love finding out what changes have and will happen in the next week.  Tristan and I always watch this video before we go to bed; it’s become our moment to savor and meditate the miracle we have going on.  Also, each day, the app provides different pregnancy stories, tips, videos and a bunch of other random fun stuff to keep you up-to-date on baby news and handling pregnancy.

2) “BabyCenter” App

I don’t check this app as often as the “What to Expect” app, but I love the information this app shares too.  It shares common questions and answers and a to-do list to make sure you’re taking care of the things that need to be taken care of for baby’s arrival — you know, the things that need to be done that don’t directly involve caring for your body 🙂

That’s pretty much it!  Hope someone out there finds this helpful.  I know I would have!

If anyone has any other maternity must-haves, please do share!

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