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This post is sponsored by PinkBlush.  All opinions are my own.

When I was pregnant with Dominic, I put off wearing anything maternity as long as I possibly could. It was part denial that I would need it and part me being a bit frugal, but this time around?  Oh, before I even hit the second trimester, I brought out that good ol’ maternity wear.  I went to the store to get some new maternity leggings.  I was all in, because, you know what?  It makes a huge difference in my day-to-day comfort.  When you’re feeling nauseous and bloated all day, the last thing you also want to feel is uncomfortable!

I used to think PinkBlush was all about very dressy maternity pieces that were meant to be worn to the baby shower or even to weddings, so I didn’t think I’d find comfortable and functional pieces when they reached out to me.  Turns out – I was so wrong!  I’m all about comfort this time around, and PinkBlush delivers.

Now, I’m no big fashionista, but what I do know is that I love pieces that can be worn multiple ways.  I’ve grown out of the phase of buying really trendy items I can only wear a handful of times.  It’s terrible for the environment, and – let’s be real – I don’t have much time to shop anymore anyway.  Finding pieces that can mix and match easily helps me save money, increase the longevity of my wardrobe, and allows me to be more active in reducing the negative effects of fast fashion to the environment. Wins all around!

Here’s 2 dresses I love from them and how easily I switched things up to make this a reality.


When I spotted this dress, I knew I had to have it.  It’s got comfort and function written all over it – I mean, it has pockets!  I can’t be the only mom who is ecstatic about dresses with pockets, right?  Great for keeping some handy snacks around, or – in my case – hold onto a few cars.

Click here to shop this dress: Blue Heathered Cuffed Maternity Dress

When you’re pregnant, you have to own at least one.  It’s the go-to comfort dress.  Yes, the maxi dress.  I spotted this black dress from PinkBlush, and knew it would be a great piece to own with it’s flexible color and modern details.

Click here to shop this dress: Black CrissCross Sleeveless Maxi Maternity Dress

The quality of both dresses are great too.  They’re well-made and super soft, so I know I’ll be able to wear them throughout the entire pregnancy and even afterwards while my body heals.  With my due date being in the spring and living in sunny California, the color, fit, and overall style of these dresses makes them easy to transition throughout the pregnancy AND the seasons.  The more times you can wear a piece, the more value it really holds.

Also, they’re both so comfy, they’re perfect for chasing after a toddler while still staying comfortable with my growing bump 🙂

Find these comfortable and versatile dresses here as well as browse some of their other great maternity (and non-maternity!) pieces.

For the month of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, PinkBlush is raising money for those affected by breast cancer. If you donate today, PinkBlush will match your donation, and it also enters you to win a $250 PinkBlush gift card, so head on over to shop and make a difference! 🙂

Thank you, PinkBlush!

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