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So, we begin our year with an adventure in Mammoth with some friends.  It was such a breath of fresh air to be away from the city, and sometimes I still have to pinch myself when I go to places like this because it’s so hard to believe that they’re just a short drive from home.  It felt like I was in a completely different land.

It was a extremely fun trip.  We played plenty of games and had some good talks.  I chose not to snowboard this time around considering there wasn’t much snow around the mountains — which screamed out to me that there would be large patches of ice.  Ouch.  It was okay though because once noon rolled around, it began to snow which I got to watch from the cabin window instead of trying to rush down a mountain in my amateur boarding ways.  On a better note, we did get to stand on a frozen lake (or was it a large pond?) for our group photo.  I’ve never done that before!  The trip overall felt too short; I have such a constant thirst for getaways.  I just can’t stay still!  Getaways with good company?  Don’t even get me started…

I took my SLR with me to catch some scenic photos.  It’s taking some adjusting to, but I really do love holding this camera in my hands.  I just wish I had a stronger computer to handle Photoshop right now, but that time will come.  I never believed in altering photos much, but sometimes photos just don’t come out the way my eyes see things.  I can’t wait to be able to touch up these photos to match my perspective.

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