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Majestic Muir Woods

Can you believe it took me this long to see the redwoods in person?  I can’t necessarily even say it was on my bucket list, but it really should’ve been.

I was just browsing around the internet seeing if there was anything we might want to do during our quick visit to Northern California.  We were on the fence on whether or not to do anything new unless something interesting popped up.  Well, clearly it did.

Muir Woods popped up during my browsing, and I couldn’t help but wonder why I hadn’t visited this place before.  It’s just a few miles north of San Francisco, making it the most easy to access (and family-friendly) spot to see these beautiful trees – the tallest living things on the planet.

The drive up to the woods was gorgeous.  It is windy and can be a little dangerous, but when you start soaking in the views, it’s so worth it.

Access to the park is $10 if you’re 16 and up.  Everyone under 16 is free.  Parking can be difficult if you show up later in the day since there’s limited spaces, especially depending on the season.  Early April isn’t peak tourist season, so it was manageable for us even though we arrived around noon.  I hear it’s almost impossible to find parking at this time if you go May to September, so if you’re visiting during this time, make sure you go early.


The park has a path for you to follow that sits right along a stream, and there are signs randomly placed around the path to tell you more about the history as well as the natural inhabitants (I’m tellin’ ya!  It’s really family-friendly).  They request every visitor to keep the noise down to keep this place as peaceful as possible.  I loved it since it really let me soak in all of the beauty and noises of nature.
The trees are amazingly tall.  The tallest ones can actually be found more north (where you can also find trees so large that you can drive your car through the trunk), but regardless, the ones in this part of the woods were still so majestic.  I hope these photos give you a good idea of how amazing these trees actually are.
Here are some of my favorite shots on our visit…
^ Signs of spring 🙂




^ Dominic telling us the importance of leaving nature alone.  This 500 year old tree fell and is being left exactly where it fell to decompose and provide nutrients for the living things around it – like the photo on the right 😉


Tristan and I both agreed that we’re beginning to itch to see more of California’s natural beauty instead of all of the buildings and modern sights.  There’s just something about it that’s been so fulfilling.  I love the idea of beginning these new adventures for Dominic too since he really seems so curious about nature.  I’m sure soon enough I’ll be finding rocks and dirt in his pockets while I’m doing his laundry, and (I never thought I’d say this) that’s quite alright with me! Appreciating nature and learning to live life with more intention has been a recent and ongoing venture for us.  We’re more than happy to start sharing this with our boy at his tender age in hopes that he’ll appreciate it once he’s older.


I never saw a discontented tree. They grip the ground as though they liked it, and though fast rooted they travel about as far as we do. – John Muir
Muir Woods National Monument | 1 Muir Woods Rd, Mill Valley, CA 94941
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