Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Vol 4

He’s becoming more aware of his hands now.  It’s quite adorable.  He still normally keeps them in fists, but it’s cute seeing him actually try to use his hands.  They used to just fly about all of the time.  Just a few days ago, he learned how to grab my hair (ouch).  I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I guess it’s a milestone. Haha.  Sometimes when I wipe his mouth after a feeding with the blanket (we’ve been using small blankets as burp cloths) he would reach out and wrap his arms around the blanket.  Another thing he’s trying to do?  Hold his bottle!  It’s surreal when he does try it.  It’s normally him using his fists trying to balance the bottle instead of opening his hands, but it’s step!  And it’s cute!

My absolute favorite moment was when I was about to give him his pacifier.  Instead of just using his hand to pull the pacifier towards him (which he has done before), he put his two hands on my hand and pulls my whole hand to his face.  He would just hold it there.  He’s done this about 3 times now, and my heart melts every time.  What a sweetie!  I guess he officially trusts me now. 🙂

He definitely recognizes us more now.  His eyes are just filling with wonder.  It’s amazing experiencing these things with your own baby.  It kind of makes you see the world a little more differently.  It almost makes you feel like you’re experiencing the world for the first time too.  I love going through these moments with him, and it breaks my heart to think I might miss some “firsts” once I go back to work.  What can ya do though?  I’ll just enjoy this time at home while I still can.

Oh, he drifts off into sleep when we sing ballads to him.  Disney songs and Backstreet Boys songs seem to be the winners.  He’s clearly our child 🙂

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