The Lopez Family / Newborn Session

Let’s be real here.  Last year, from the holiday season up until Valentine’s Day was probably a very busy season for our friends because from August until the end of this year we know at least 10 friends having kids.  Several of them are very close friends, and gratefully, some have asked me to take photos of their babies!  This has been giving me the opportunity to learn more and give them the keepsakes they can cherish forever.  I never thought this hobby would grow into something so fulfilling and that would constantly give.  I have quite a few sessions upcoming, so brace yourself for more newborn cuteness.

Laraine has been my friend since my second year of college.  Somehow we became roommates through some site, and we just clicked well together.  It was awesome because we both knew that great roommate situations weren’t easy to come by.  We’ve stayed in touch throughout the years, attended each other’s weddings, and now find ourselves with kids sharing toys.  She recently welcomed her second-born into the world, and, well, here we are.

Meet baby Ryan (with the cutest expressions EVER) and his beautiful family.

No, seriously.  Cutest expressions everrrr…..

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