London: The Hat and The Hill

With most of the big “attractions” done the day before, we took this day a little more leisurely.  We slept in, took our time getting ready, then headed out to Buckingham Palace which, after your stop on the tube, will take you to a walk through yet another gorgeous park.


We didn’t go with any plans, so when we saw the guards coming through, we were pretty excited.  We didn’t stay for the whole changing of the guards (had no idea when it was going to happen), but it was still cool being able to see them arrive at the palace.  Dominic was pretty confused seeing horses for the first time, although he thinks every animal is called a “doggy” these days.


If you’re unaware, Buckingham Palace is the residence of Queen Elizabeth II, the current reigning monarch of the UK.  It is incredibly large and majestic with plenty of security (and tourists) around.


After we were done at the Palace, we decided to let Dominic hang out at the park.  Every day we tried to do something that was strictly for him, and I know he really loves running around in nature.  We let him run around, play with the grass, and even pick some flowers (one in particular he refused to let go, tried to offer to me once, but then decided he wanted to keep it for himself haha – it’s the thought that counts).


Oh, I’m going to miss this hat he’s wearing.  I bought it specifically for this trip to Europe since it’s so adorably dapper, and I had several outfits that I wanted him to wear it with.  Unfortunately, he threw it out of the stroller somewhere in Paris, so these are the best photos I have with him wearing it. Also, momtog confession… I bought this particular outfit JUST so I could get a picture of him wearing red in one of the signature red phone booths of London, but of course he had to be napping anytime we were near one.  Boo!

Anyway, our next stop after our palace adventures was to head over to Harrods.  On the walk over, we passed by this memorial for World War II.  It was striking.  There was something very special about seeing things like this in another country.  I’ve seen so many monuments and memorials in the States, but it really was moving seeing them here.  It really made me think about how life must have been and how many lives were lost because of the massive involvement by SO many other countries – all to lead us to the lives we have today.


Just some snaps of the town on the way to Harrods…

We honestly would not have headed over here if it weren’t for Tristan’s dad.  He wanted a souvenir from Harrods, and I will also honestly say that we had no idea what Harrods was until we got there.  If you don’t know, it’s a MASSIVE department store.  They carry some of the most high-end brands and super brands.  There were brands I’ve only seen online and/or mentioned by celebrities.  On top of that, they had a market, restaurants, and its very own gift shop!  It was a pretty interesting place and altogether fun experience so I’m glad we were asked to go.  I’ve never seen anything like it.

Of course, they even had a little Disney section so we had some fun there with Dominic too.  Oh, and if you ever go here with a kid, go to the baby changing area.  Even if your babe doesn’t really need a diaper change, just go.  It’s luxury.



We then headed over to Notting Hill which really has to be one of the cutest neighborhoods I’ve ever seen.  Normally I would think all of the colors would be a little too quirky for me, but there is something about it here that just really works.




We took a stroll through and just took it all in.  I didn’t bother to find any of the specific locations from the movie, but things like the blue door from Hugh Grant’s flat and the travel book shop are here.  Portobello Market is a huge highlight as well, but we didn’t have time to go during the day.  I imagine it would have been interesting to see, but I hear it gets incredibly crowded so maybe it was for the better.  Crowds + stroller = not fun.  If you’re interested, you can see dates and hours for the market here!

If you missed it, see London Day 1 and Day 2 here, or head over to Day 4  or straight to our Travel Guide!

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