Maui: Let’s Get Maui’d

I’ve known my friend Cassandra for almost a decade now.  We met in college when I was recruiting to start up a chapter of the sorority I was in.  Actually, we met via Facebook during this process.  It’s crazy how friendships can start nowadays.

Through the years, I’ll admit we’ve had our issues.  We’ve had our fights and disagreements, but we also shared a multitude of laughters and awesome set of memories.  We became almost like actual sisters because we started to learn and accept our differences while learning to love each other as friends too.  I can honestly say, she’s one of the few people on this earth that I can be myself around, and instead of judging me, she would just laugh at/with me.  I can always trust her to be brutally honest with me and to keep me grounded and sane when I feel like I’ve lost my mind.  She’s kind of like my sister in spirit.

One day, she called me up to let me know that her and her man were discussing the possibility of getting married during their vacation in Maui.  As time went on, of course, this became a reality.  Although some people may have been hesitant about it, I was excited.  Cassandra and her now husband had not been dating for a significantly long time, but more often than not, when you see a close friend talk about someone and interact with someone, you can tell if something special is going on.  Quite frankly, the more I saw them interact, the more I knew they would eventually get married.  By the time she has told me that they were set on getting married, I felt like they had already been together since… forever.  They were like two pieces of a puzzle that just… fit.  Some people are just made for each other. *cue cheesy love music*

Fast forward to the Maui trip, and we find ourselves on a private beach in Kihei.  The sun was slowly beginning to set on the peaceful horizon.  The water is glistening and splashing against the lava rocks spreading a sense of liquid shimmer across the floor.  Her future husband is waiting with his father, standing barefoot on the sand against the sun.  In a few moments, I would experience one of the most simple yet beautifully moving marriage ceremonies of my life.

As she walked out in her white gown, there was a joy that filled the air.  She was happy.  They were happy.

His dad married them and made it so wonderfully joyful to listen in on.  You slowly learn that these 2 people getting together has changed many lives around them for the better.  The 2 exchanged beautifully personal vows that had me tearing up.  I normally don’t cry at weddings, but my eyes were watering.  It was too perfect, much like a scene from a movie.  Their words, their laughters, their tears of joy…

Water rushed up to their feet, and we all shared a few laughs.  You can’t predict what life will bring you, but you can enjoy and live in the moments as they come.  This couple were becoming experts at that.  Soon they were placing the symbolic rings on each other’s fingers with the sun glowing amongst them as if hugging the two with its warmth.  Next thing you knew, the ceremony was done.  It was time for the newlyweds to have their first kiss as husband and wife… then the small, intimate group of family and friends cheered.

It was simple.  It was personal.  It was beautiful.  At the same time that I was so happy for these two, I also found myself so happy to have found my husband.  He’s my best friend and my teammate.  I couldn’t have accomplished the things I’ve accomplished in my life without someone who has made me feel so full of life.  That in itself is so much my greatest accomplishment.  Feeling full of life.  I adore him.

Congratulations to my friend and her newfound husband.  May all your joys and dreams grow and multiply together in the infinite years ahead.

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    That was so sweet!! Thank you, Vy! I'm so glad we met and stayed friends after all of these years. You have always been there for me with the important and not-so-important mundane things. You are an amazing friend and I'm happy you got to share this with us. ��❤️ CSUN Asian matadors unite! Hahaha

    August 4, 2014 at 9:08 pm
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