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When Legos Meet Nature: A Trip to the South Coast Botanical Gardens

Living in Southern California never ceases to amaze me.  I’ve been to so many gardens in my lifetime, but I had never heard of South Coast Botanic Garden.

I follow this page We Like L.A. which shares ideas for things to do every week.  Most weeks, I don’t really pay attention to it, but we were starting to itch to go out and explore something new so I breezed through the week’s list of ideas to plan for the upcoming weekend.  I saw that there was an event at this garden where Lego art would be displayed.  Legos?  In a garden?  It definitely intrigued me.  When my husband agreed to go, I decided to invite one of our favorite families to go too, and that was that.

Nature Connects – as it is so cleverly named – turns out to be a touring exhibition by New York artist, Sean Kenney.  All creations were inspired by nature and took nearly a half a million toy bricks to make.  They’re scattered around the garden, so it was fun walking around, enjoying nature, and sporadically catching a view of these sculptures.




The garden is located in Palos Verdes Peninsula, so I was expecting it to be a lot cooler considering it’s pretty close to the coast.  Turns out, it was a hot day.  We managed to spend some time in the shade to cool off while our group’s favorite toddler worked some of her energy out though.  It worked out just fine 🙂


Above, some of my favorite people by our favorite sherbet tree (hehe) and a Lego rose.  Below, cherry blossoms just beginning to bloom.


There was a part of the garden that we spent a decent amount of time in, and that was the Garden of the Senses.  Here, they had signs advising you to touch or smell certain plants just to add to the experience of appreciating nature.  We also spent some time here wondering why their sundial was wrong, but we figured it was probably because of Daylight Savings.


I’m pretty proud of the above photo.  I don’t own a macro lens yet, so that was as close as I could get using the manual focus.  There were so many ladybugs!  I had never seen so many in one place.  It was so much fun pointing them out to our friends’ toddler and watching her curiousity soar when I showed them to her.  She thought it was the coolest thing when I let a ladybug crawl onto my finger.  Kids, man.  They can really make you re-appreciate the little things.

Here’s Dominic picking up random giant leaves and putting them through the bench spaces.  You can see the stem of one in his hand.  He loved to just stare at the colors (a nice mix of yellow, red and green), then just watch them fall through the bench. Haha.



I swear this boy can enjoy a good game of “peek-a-boo” anywhere — even if there really isn’t anywhere to hide. Haha.  He is so sweet and fun-loving.  You have no idea how much I’m obsessed with observing his development.  He amazes me every day.


Towards the end of the day, we headed to an area where we could freely play with Lego blocks.  The little fold out chairs are so tiny, I almost want to buy a set for our home.  Dominic fit perfectly in it (see him sitting in the little chair?).  It was fun seeing him attempt to put the blocks together considering he’s pretty close to getting this to happen with his Mega Bloks.  Not going to lie though, he did try to eat one or two Legos.  I’ll probably wait a few more years until we actually buy him these regular sized Legos, but it was fun while it lasted.





I think the biggest challenge of going out with kids is getting a group photo with everyone looking!  What do you think?  This photo pretty much captures the essence of what it’s like to take a photo with multiple children.  Haha.
Anyway, South Coast Botanic Garden is the first and only California stop for the exhibition, so if you’re interested, go check it out!  The garden itself is beautiful too.  Nature Connects will run here until May 8.
Oh, and before I forget, Happy Leap Year Day 🙂
South Coast Botanic Garden | 26300 Crenshaw Boulevard, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274


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