A Quick Tip For Handling Leftovers

One of the biggest challenges my husband I have after hosting a party is figuring out how to handle the leftovers.  There’s almost always leftovers, then, there’s always one item that has so much surplus that you don’t even know what to do with it.  You can eat it for a day or two, and then what?

This Christmas, it was the holiday ham.  My husband and I got tired of eating it and got tired of looking at it.  I hate being wasteful especially when it comes to food, so the thought of throwing the rest in the trash kind of stung.  I couldn’t think of how to work with it and make it into something completely different.

Enter Pinterest.

I literally typed in the search box “recipes leftover holiday ham.”  I was really just testing my luck, but a bunch of different recipes populated.  The best part about Pinterest is that you can just scroll through the images to see what looks most appealing and also note how many “likes” and “pins” something has to gauge its popularity.  More “likes” and “pins” equals more of a palate pleaser (at least most of the time).

The winner of the Pinterest hunt and eventual transformation of the leftover holiday ham?  Hawaiian fried rice!  Because I also had some fresh pineapple cut up in the fridge, going with this pick just made sense.  I scrolled through the ingredients, and I had everything except for the bell peppers which wasn’t a big deal for me.

Not too shabby, huh?  I didn’t adjust the recipe much.  Since it was my first time using this recipe, I didn’t want to make too much so I just halved all of the ingredients.  The only thing I increased was the amount of garlic because, well, I always do that (garlic is your friend).

Check out the full recipe here 🙂

Hope this helps solve some of your leftover woes!

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