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I’m sitting on the floor of my bedroom because my baby is napping in my bed (note: Photo above is from a hotel. Definitely not my bedroom).  I can’t leave the room (or go too far) because I have an extreme fear of him falling off the bed if he were to wake up once I step away.  He’s been snoozing for 3 hours!  I don’t know if it’s teething or something else, but he had a fever this morning which was my cue to stay home and give him extra snuggles.

Also, I’ve been snoozing on the blogging. Apparently finding the balance in life is taking longer than I expected, but I discovered this nifty blogger app so I can blog on the fly. Woo! Smartphone! Not sure why I didn’t think of downloading it sooner.  I’ve been writing small journals offline, but this is always nice too.
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