Iceland: The Southern Coast

Driving the Southern Coast of Iceland was so beautiful that it started to make me wonder what we humans did to deserve this level of beauty.

I took a ton of pictures, but no matter how many of them I share I have to say that they just don’t do the land any justice. If these photos look amazing, the scenes in real life will blow your mind. Even Dominic was impressed by them, gasping at the different sights. At one point, we were putting on Dom’s jacket, and he looked at me and said “Go exploring?!” Clearly, even littles will love it. A dash of nature in our lives, no matter what age, will do the soul some good.

I knew that Mother Nature was amazing, but I had no idea to what extent she could take my breath away. If you want to reconnect with nature, go here. Do this drive. Make the stops. You will not see this planet the same way again.

When we got on the plane, I promised him he could meet some horses to help get him excited and calm him during the flight.  This place definitely delivered that promise.  


Beautiful Skogafoss.  We opted not to hike to the top since it was raining.

Steady rain in Reynisfjara, but the fog against the black sand was dreamy.  We arrived when several tour buses also arrived which is why it’s crowded.

Amazing rock formations and basalt columns.  Several shallow caves here which were great to observe.

Pitch black sand.  If you go here and look up, there’s puffins flying around!  Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries, and I didn’t want to run back to the car to get my replacement.  I should have though.

Awesome road trip views.  You can see the tongue of 2 glaciers in the distance.

Blue lagoon – even if it weren’t so windy, it would leave you speechless.  The moment we saw the tips of the blue ice over the hill, we were stunned.

He loved it!  He called them “giant ice cubes.”  Also, I’m dying over him wearing this hat!

We were on the fence about driving out this far and driving back the same day, but it was so worth it.  This sealed the deal for making this the trip of a lifetime.

We saw huge pieces of ice melt, crack, and splash into the water, and it was a very surreal sensation.

If you’re wondering, the Glacier Lagoon recently was determined as the deepest lake in Iceland.  Although this initially might sound like a good thing, it’s only because the glaciers are indeed melting and receding from the ocean.  These are chunks of ice that have broken off from the glacier, so if you need more proof that the planet is warming, there it is.

I think I’ll be framing this one 🙂  I took this photo with a tripod and the camera remote.  People joke that it was probably Dominic who took the photo.  Side note: you will find fields of these purple lupines everywhere during the summer.

At Seljalandsfoss sporting Dom’s new signature tongue out pose.  You can walk up a hill and stand behind the waterfall here.


  • We drove the coast to the end and back on the same day. Without stops, the drive is about 4 hours, but we basically took the entire day with the stops. Completely worth it.
  • There are plentiful stunning stops on this drive. The ones we stopped at were Skogafoss, Reynisfjara, Glacier Lagoon, and Seljalandsfoss. We made some other smaller stops along the way just to take some photos and enjoy the scenery (and hang out with some Icelandic horses). We wanted to also see Fjaorargljufur, but we missed the entrance to it and just decided not to turn around (lol).
  • If you’re going during odd hours, bring a tripod to take pictures because you may not see many people around.
  • Tour buses come through here as well, so if you want to go when it’s less crowded, go very early or later in the day (like after 5pm).
  • Because the drive is so long, expect a lot of crazy weather. It will easily be all over the place. We used umbrellas at Reynisfjara, pushed against wind at the Glacier Lagoon, and enjoyed some sunlight by the tongues of several glaciers on the way back.
  • A lot of people stop for a night in Vik which is where Reynisjfara is located.  This is basically the halfway point of the trip.  We didn’t plan to go to the Glacier Lagoon until basically the night before, so we just went for it.  If you think you’ll need a break, this would be a good spot to find housing.
  • Since food is so expensive in Iceland, we went to the market the night before to stock up on sandwiches and snacks for the road trip. Definitely made things more convenient.

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