I can’t sleep. I simply can’t. For the past few weeks, I have gone about my day tending to my family and to my home. It consumes my day to the point where I find myself in a bubble of my very own. The most news I watch on television is a bit of the local morning news. It’s not that I choose to live in a bubble. It just kind of happened.

Tonight, as I scrolled through my feed while taking a break from chores, I bumped into the picture so many are mentioning. It’s a picture of a baby boy. I will not describe further.
I cried. I cried thinking of my son. I cried thinking of my family. I cried realizing what a bubble I have been in. I sealed it shut without even thinking.
I got upset today. I got upset thinking how my house needs more work, and I got upset thinking how I will probably never get to go on that dream vacation. Looking back, I now feel upset realizing what an idiot I was for worrying and being upset about all the wrong things.
When I first heard about the picture, I didn’t know what it was about. I just got a brief description and that some people were angry that it was being shared.
When I read the post from the person that shared it, my heart shattered. The post would have been sufficient. I still don’t believe the photo should be circulating so openly. The message is there. We are so fortunate, and the world is so much more beyond our bubbles.
My parents were refugees. I cannot even fathom what they had gone through to have to escape Vietnam. There’s no way. Why do I want things so often when in comparison to what my parents went through, I am spoiled rotten?  I have home, food, safety, and love – basic needs that they struggled to have. Refugees are driven away from their countries because there is nothing good for them there.
I have so many thoughts and feelings in my heart and mind right now. I don’t even know how coherent and cohesive any of this is, but I know that if you are aware and if you have a place in your heart to help and protect humanity, here’s a link to help in this horrible situation (warning – it does reveal more about the image I mentioned).
I wish there was more I could do.
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