Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Vol 6

Apparently, buttons are a big thing in the toddler world.  He’s obsessed with any and all buttons.  Our remotes happen to be a big hit, but so is the cable box, blu ray player, space heater, and pretty much anything that has a button.  Phones are okay – he’s not as interested in the touch screen as he’s into the single button on the phone.  His eyes light up WIDE when he sees a laptop.  I can see it in his eyes – SO. MANY. BUTTONS!  I don’t really understand the fascination, but whatever gets him excited about life gets me excited about life!  It’s quite endearing really, and a silly moment I have to remember.

Speaking of eyes opening nice and wide, what is it about Oreos?  Not for toddlers specifically, but just in general.  It’s America’s favorite cookie.  We finally decided to introduce our sweeter snacks to him, so we gave him a piece of Oreo.  I think his life is forever changed.   He had this look like “Where has this been all my life?”

The kicker is, now every time he sees an Oreo, his eyes really open wide!  His hands go up in the air as if to say “I want some!”  Man, the Oreo has some real tastebud controlling power.  All it took was one small piece.  He hasn’t even tried it with milk yet (and we probably won’t introduce that until later).

Oh, I forgot to mention.  When we’re at the store and it’s time to pay at the cashier, he’s always eyeing the card keypad.  Buttons, man.

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