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His Fast & Furious Birthday

This post is dedicated to my husband, my neverending resource of patience, laughter, and love.  Yes, this post is a few days late, but it’s better late than never right?  I know — but never late is better. Ha.

Twenty-eight years ago he came into this world.  Four years ago we crossed paths at an opportune moment.  About 2 years ago he asked me to be his wife.  About 6 months ago, we vowed to grow old together.

Happy birthday, my love.  Everyday has been a treasure, and I can’t wait to see our lives unravel before us.  Another year with you is another reason to be happy.


Dinner at Buenos Aires Grille with Friends
Drawing of his other love that I made for him. 

The day after his birthday celebration was reserved for me, and I had a hunch that he may be hungover.  I made sure the plans were flexible, so when he was ready to go, we took a little tour of some big The Fast & The Furious filming locations in Los Angeles.  I also planned to make breakfast, but evidently that was just a backup plan in case he WASN’T hungover.  Oh well =)

We used this link to help us seek out all the locations.  It was pretty awesome.



Quite the adventurous Suby.
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