Just Thoughts: Little Love in a Heat Wave

Haven’t been sleeping very well the past few days.  If you haven’t heard, there’s a heat wave going on in Southern California.  Supposedly the temperature will drop tomorrow, but we’ll see.  Seriously.  Fall?  What’s fall?  To give you an idea, it was 90 degrees last night… AT 10:30 PM.

The AC couldn’t keep up.  I think the heat wave burned it out, and now we have to get it serviced.  Ah!  Home ownership.  The fan was bringing nothing but warm air in last night, but I guess it’s a little relief over nothing!

After tossing and turning and finally falling asleep, I was awoken around 5:30am by Tristan with a glass of ice cold water in his hand.  Can I tell you how much I love him?  In this heat, as he’s getting ready for an early start at work, he thinks of me and my need to hydrate.  I adore him!  Maybe some women would’ve gotten upset to be woken up that early, but I was so happy.  I’m always happy to see his face, and, whilst pregnant, nothing is more delicious than a glass of water.  It was like the ultimate pair at that point.  It meant to so much to me to see him there giving me a good morning kiss and taking care of me.  Am I just a big pile of mush, or what?

I drank about half of the glass and laid back down in bed. Right then, I felt Baby R swishing around.  Must have been too cold for him out of nowhere!  I put my hand on top of where he was moving, and he calmed down.  I tapped my fingers around that same area of my belly, and he did a little dance!  I mean, it was like a *wiggle wiggle* but it was so cute.  I did it a few times then left him alone.  I wonder if he’s ticklish? 🙂

I love both of my men so much.  It’s so early, I’m a bit groggy, but I’m so happy.  My heart is full.

Now, if only the heat would back off.  Preggo no likey.

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