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Heal the Bay Beach Cleanup

Heal the Bay — it’s been a while.  I used to go once a year to help clean a beach with this organization because it meant a lot to me, but life started changing… and I had lost track of time.
Well, I found out that on the first day of summer, Heal the Bay was hosting their monthly cleanup at a beach fairly closeby.  Luckily, my husband was all in on the project, and off we went.
Heal the Bay’s mission is to maintain and keep our coast safe and clean.  They do a beach cleanup on the third Saturday each month called “Nothing but Sand” beach cleanup.  I’ve done this a few times, and I couldn’t be more happy to share the experience with my husband for his first time.
The organization supplies buckets and garden gloves for cleanup.  When I first started going to these, they actually gave us bags and latex gloves, but clearly we’ve moved towards a more sustainable route with reusable items.  If you didn’t know, Heal the Bay played a huge part in getting Los Angeles started on banning single-use plastic bags.  Since January of this year, L.A. is the largest county to officially ban them.  It’s been an adjustment for everyone, but I’m sure we’ll all be thankful down the road.
The cleanup took place at Will Rogers Beach in Pacific Palisades, and the beach (and overall community) is pretty clean.  However, we did spot a lot of styrofoam scraps and other random plastic items which probably found its way onto the beach from the storm drains that head out to the ocean.  It may not look like much, but it’s these kind of scraps that can be found in the bellies of our local fish and sea birds sometimes causing them an early death.
They also give us a data sheet to help them keep track of the progress they make along the coast.  Sometimes when you do these beach cleanups, you don’t feel like you did much.  When you’re able to look at the stats like this though, it’s a completely different story.
I’m so proud of my husband for wanting to take part in this and so thankful as well because… I couldn’t find anyone else to go with me. Hah.  On the first day of summer, most people had already made plans, but I couldn’t be more happy to have spent our first day of summer together tending to something we love and spending some quality time along the coast together.
Heal the Bay | 1600 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica, CA 90401
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