A Happy Holiday Update

I took last week off; you would think I’d have more blog posts.  I had actually planned to take the week off months ago to spend some quality time with my boys and go adventuring, but some life events happened days before Dominic’s birthday.  We had family staying with us until Wednesday which was great, but a chunk of the time was also spent grieving from a sudden loss in my husband’s family.  It’s been a whirlwind, but I’m ready to head back to work.  I’m not sure about Dominic though.  I think he’s been spoiled waking up to me every morning and playing together all day 🙂  Actually, I think I’m going to miss that too!

Christmas was pretty special this year. My husband and I got to host Christmas dinner for the first time.  We always love hosting, but I have to be honest that we really wanted to host this year so Dominic could go to bed where he was comfortable.  We wouldn’t have to jet out of grandma’s house early to go home so he could sleep!  It was great to be able to still hang out with family after Dominic went to bed.  It’s something we miss about gatherings; just being able to stick around and hang out until the end of a party is a luxury we didn’t realize we had pre-baby.  It felt so nice!  We had a big, delicious dinner, had cinnamon rolls and cookies + milk, then opened presents… then had round 2 of dinner.  Cleanup when you’re hosting a big event at home is a lot of work, but it was so worth it.  We also felt so happy that our home could accommodate everyone comfortably!
Tristan and I exchanged small gifts this year.  Well, small for pricetag.  I don’t know.  Ever since we’ve had Dominic, I don’t really want much stuff anymore.  My little family just makes me so happy.  All of my family in general is happy and healthy – and in all honesty, it’s all I would really wish for.
Dominic’s birthday party was only 5 days before Christmas, so, if anything, this party planner needs a real break now.  That is the gift I would love – some peace and quiet to really recharge.  Hm… maybe I’ll try to sneak in a pamper-me day before the year is over…
Hope everyone had a great weekend filled with love, family, and laughter. Let’s end this year on the most beautiful and positive note possible.
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