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Hanging on to Summer in Malibu

There’s still technically about 10 days of summer left, but it seems as though everyone has made a secret agreement that fall should come out once it’s September.

Well, as much as I love everything fall, I’m still hanging on to the last bits of summer. So, Summer, rest assured that you still got a fan here. I enjoyed every adventure and all of the warm summer nights, and maybe we’ll get to squeeze in a few more adventures or maybe we won’t, but I’m still here cheering you on while attempting to refrain from anything pumpkin spiced even though it’s all staring at me in the face.

To prove it, here’s some photos from our beachside outing the weekend of Labor Day. 🙂

I’ve written about Los Leones Trail before, and I can’t believe it’s been over  a year since we went!  I’ve been wanting to go again for a while, but sometimes it just isn’t feasible. Anyway, the weather has been cooling down, and it felt like a good weekend for a beachside adventure.

Last time we were here, Dominic was about 5 months old, and even though he’s over a year and a half now, he was still a trooper on the trail. Tristan wore him in the Ergo carrier on the way up, and I wore him on the way down. It’s a pretty steady trail, 1.5 miles each way. Tristan’s cousin joined us too, and he definitely loved the view from the top!  It really doesn’t get old. Luckily, it was a clear day, and we got to see from downtown to the coast again.

^ Baby boy is looking so big these days!


After the hike, it was time for lunch. We were planning on trying Malibu Seafood, but the line was ridiculously long. Standing in the sun waiting in line with a toddler while hungry would have been an instant recipe for hangriness, so we decided to just head to the beach to eat at the little beachside restaurant at Zuma Beach – a favorite beach for locals and probably one of the cleanest (that said, please don’t ever swim in Santa Monica). The food spot there is a classic little stop with average food, but there were open tables and no line, so we were alright with that. We got burgers, fries, and fish & chips.  After that, we got our stuff to set our spot to relax at the beach.




Dominic is constantly fascinated by sand! I love the way he looks at it as it slips through his fingers. Thankfully, he has stopped trying to eat sand ever since his first trip to the beach haha. He still took a little time to adjust to walking on it like he did in Barcelona which was just as cute this time.
Tristan took him out to the water which he LOVED. He used to be so scared, but this time he had absolutely no fear. It actually made me nervous a few times, but we held onto him the whole time. He just wanted to run into the waves!
After playing in the water a few times, we just relaxed on the sand, soaked up the sun, and ate some snacks.


I can’t get over how cute he looks closing this bag ^
Give me all the summer love kisses! ^
^ Lol I love this family photo with Dominic’s eye
Lucky for us, it can sometimes feel like an endless summer in Southern California, but there is definitely a part of me ready to welcome autumn. Hoping we’ll be able to take on some new autumn adventures this year too!
Los Leones Trail | 580 Los Leones Drive, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Zuma Beach | 30000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265
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