Half Full & The Need to Slow Down

It’s been a rough week — and a particularly rough day — but I’m sure I’ll find that silver lining at some point.  Work has been draining, and life is filling up with new responsibilities.  It’s become a bit overwhelming.  Stuck in a “mood,” but I know in the big picture, these are good things.

Spent last evening reading about recovering from knee sprains, and it depressed me.  No, depressed is more of a slow process.  I would say it deflated me.  I always have big, ambitious and beautiful plans sketched out in my mind, and I don’t know how yet to cope with deflation besides letting time work its magic.  I’m hoping for a quick and successful recovery.

I guess I just made too many big, ambitious and beautiful plans in my silly little head.  Somehow they all just seem so out of reach now.  I hate feeling like I have to think smaller, and that’s probably my biggest problem — telling myself that I have think smaller, running away, not grabbing life and telling it that “I’m all in.”  Teaching myself to accept that the big, ambitious and beautiful plan I had laid out for myself may not come to life in the exact way I imagined it to be is one of the hardest lessons I have to teach myself.

Tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow.


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