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The Griffith Park Train Ride & a Boy Who Turned Three

Well, there you have it.  We have a three-year-old.  Time, can you just MAYBE slow down a tad?

In all seriousness though, these past 3 years have been the grandest learning experience for me, and I know I still have so much to learn from this little guy.  He’s given me so much more purpose in life, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for our little family.

Back to the birthday, as with most kids born in December, I found myself in the struggle of balancing Christmas cheer and all the birthday things, but at some point I think we’ll find a system that works.  For now, we decided to make a special family day just for this guy to go out and see some of his favorite things – trains!  We headed out to Griffith Park where you can find the holiday train ride. We did want to visit the Travel Town Museum, but they close at 4 so it was a bit of a bummer; just something to add to our list of things to do another day.

Anyway, the train rides start at 5, so we got our ticket to see all of the beautiful Christmas decor on a mile long train ride.  He was devastated when we had to leave!!

Photos of our not-so-baby boy having the time of his life.  He’s THREE.  Next up – his birthday party (which I’ll probably share more of in January :)!

Waiting patiently

So excited!!!

My gosh, the tears when we had to leave!  We would have gone again if the line wasn’t so long.

Sadness and the wish to stay on the train all day is written all over his face.

It broke our hearts that he was so sad to leave, but at least it meant he really loved it.  It was time to head to dinner, and we couldn’t resist but take him out to a restaurant called Little Dom’s which served fantastic Italian food (I mean, how can you NOT take Dominic to Little Dom’s?).  Needless to say, he had a great time, and I can tell he just loves it when we go out and do things as a family.  I mean, he didn’t really want to go to daycare today, but he told his friends about the train and the “lovely bridge” he got to see on his birthday 🙂

We did have a mini-emergency at the restaurant though (why didn’t anyone tell me vegan ranch had cashews?), so we left a little early. Instead of blowing out a birthday candle there, little man asked for a donut so that’s what we did. We headed to our local donut shop, and we let him pick out his favorite. It has sprinkles of course. We went home, sang happy birthday, and made sure he made his birthday wish.

Funny to think a few months ago he has no interest in pizza, huh?


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