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A Summer Night at a Dodgers Game

I can’t believe we lost!  I mean, it was still a fun game, but they won the game before and the game after! It was a pity that they had to lose the game that we went to.
Anyhow, we chose to go to this game for the Friday Night Fireworks, and that didn’t disappoint.  So, here we are!  Dodgers Stadium…

A lot of renovations were made, but I’m happy they didn’t try to make the place look incredibly modern.  They still kept that classic, old school look to the stadium.
Although the location drives Tristan absolutely crazy (kind of in the middle of nowhere within a ravine that’s difficult to get to and always congested with traffic), I think it’s pretty cool considering it makes this stadium so unique.  I mean, I get that it doesn’t make much sense considering there’s close to no way for public transportation to get here any faster than driving yourself, but you can’t really find a stadium with a cool DTLA backdrop like this.  The stadium is just a classic in itself.

So, it’s been basically 5 years since I’ve been to a game.  I took Tristan to his first Dodgers game when we first started dating, and that was the last time we went.  This time around, we thought it’d be fun to go with friends since Nishan was in town, Adrian was home, and Albert and Patty would be moving out to the East Coast soon.  Everyone’s been leaving us 🙁  We had to do something classicly L.A.

Besides honing in and out on the game, the best part about going to a baseball game is, well, eating.  Considering I’m preggers, I had to miss out on Dodger Dogs (it was rough), but this chocolate malt was a winner.  The price tags on all the goodies will get you.  The malt was $4.50.  I was hoping for some garlic fries — I seriously think they’re the best ever — but they kept getting sold out.  What a bummer!

The game was over, and they opened up the field for the fireworks display.  People had brought their blankets and snacks and kids, found a spot on the lawn, and enjoyed the show.  We just moved up a section once we found some open seats to get a better view.  Check out the crowds filling the field…



They dimmed the lights, and out came the fireworks display.  This night, the fireworks were set in sync to a good ol’ country music medley.  It was pretty cool.  We watched about halfway through the show then decided to head out to beat the crowds.


Good times with good friends.  We have another game we’re going to in August!  Let’s hope we win that one. Go Blue!

LA Dodgers | 1000 Elysian Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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