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Giving Thanks

Hope everyone is nice and refreshed from the long holiday weekend!  I know I am.

Although I’m happy and very thankful for everything throughout the year, I do appreciate the modern purpose of Thanksgiving as it brings families together to celebrate each other over a good meal – family we otherwise don’t see very often.  It’s always great to see everyone together, dressed up, and ready to eat and catch up.  A family that eats together, stays together, right?  This year, we had Thanksgiving at my parents’ house as a late lunch, but to help keep a crowded kitchen to a minimum, I prepared several dishes at home then brought them over… including the turkey.  It was a bit of a feat considering my kitchen is much smaller than my mom’s, but I’m glad that it all worked out and that everyone enjoyed it!  Here’s a quick handful of snaps from our Thanksgiving as I don’t want to flood you with a bunch of family photos 🙂  Just know we had a great time.







 My mom and dad always love doting on him.  They just shared with him the joy of fresh sugarcane juice!

The next day, I had a few friends over for a small Friendsgiving which was much needed.  I feel like I just don’t see my girlfriends as often anymore, and I’m so beyond grateful to have such great friends that make me feel like no time was missed whenever I am finally able to see them.

On the topic of Thanksgiving, however, I do have to mention that something has been weighing heavy on my soul, and that is the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Ironically, the day after Thanksgiving – a day supposedly brought to celebrate the gathering of pilgrims and Native Americans – the Native Americans who are peacefully protesting the pipeline were basically issued an eviction notice from their own land.  It’s absolutely ridiculous, however it has been announced that they will be standing strong past that date.  I have been seeking out ways to help and realized that I could send supplies to help prepare for the winter as they fight for their rights and their land, of which we all must realize that at the end of the day, as Americans, it is all of our land.  Without solidarity, we are asking for an economic and environmental disaster.  A friend of mine went to the site herself and has given her first-hand account of what’s going on as well as several ways you can help – you can catch it all here.If you’d like to help remotely, please note that used clothing is not needed unless they are heavy-duty enough to help everyone fight through rough winter nights.  You can find a list of requested items here as well as an Amazon wish list.  If you aren’t yet aware of the problems regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline, please visit this link.

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