Give the Gift of Cruelty-Free Makeup

A few months ago, I challenged myself to eat entirely vegan for a week, and during that week, I really immersed myself in a lot of the elements that veganism entails – most of it revolving around compassion for animals.  One that I really got interested in was cruelty-free makeup.  I think a lot of us that use makeup don’t really consider it ever to be “cruel,” but the reality is that many makeup brands still continue with the now-archaic practice of testing on animals.

I won’t go into too much detail, but you can visit this blog for more great information here.  She goes into detail as to why we shouldn’t need to test on animals anymore and even what it means to test products on animals.  In this day and age when we have the technology that we have, this method of testing makeup products should really be a thing of the past.

I am a big believer that the one thing that’s stronger than your vote on any ballot or call to any politician is where you put your dollar.  If we invested money only in brands that didn’t animal test, other brands will notice the trends and end animal testing.

Anyway, as I know some of the most popular items that women gift to women are beauty products, I thought it’d be great to bring this conversation to light here!

Currently, my go-to makeup brands are e.l.f., NYX, and Honest.  Are you surprised that these are cruelty-free?  I was too!  When I decided to look into different brands, I was expecting to find mostly obscure brands that I would have to hunt around at different stores for, but you’d be surprised at how many great brands are on the list that are easily accessible.  To help you out, check out this list here which breaks down cruelty-free brands from high-end to drugstore.

As I slowly made the switch over to cruelty-free brands, I’ll be honest that I did find myself a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out which brands to try.  After sticking with my same routine with the same brands year after year, it’s hard to break-free!  Dwindling it down to 3 brands I could easily find have made the process a lot less overwhelming, however, I know we all have our own favorites and our own budgets.   With this list, I hope it’ll help you buy your beauty gifts for your friends (and even for yourself!) knowing that you’re promoting more compassion in the world.

Give the gift of cruelty-free makeup! Being a more conscious consumer can make all the difference.

Thank you to Cruelty Free Kitty for being such a great resource!

Note: I did do further research and have learned that it’s still unclear if Honest is completely cruelty-free.  Everything I’ve read sounds like they’re avoiding the question of whether their ingredients are tested on animals and will only confirm that the final product is not tested on animals.  I may be making another switch 🙂

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