[everyday moments] Big Boy Sleeps + 31 Weeks

About a year ago I read a blog post from a former “mom blogger” confessing about the fraud that is mom blogging.  She felt forced to like and promote things.  She felt forced to make life seem happy every day.  She felt like the only way to be “successful” was that she had to do these things.  I often wonder how I can make sure that I never felt that way – that my life online is a fraud.  Posts that I share on any social media outlet, I want to be genuine.  I only share what I think really benefits my family.  I want it to reflect us.  We are happy with our lives more often than not, so how do we not come off as un-authentic?

I realized now as I become more invested in my blog that I don’t tell or capture as many everyday stories as I used to, so with that comes my “everyday moments” – a series where I get to just, well, write.  I likely won’t write weekly, but I felt like I was missing an element to my blog that was more personal and these posts will basically encapsulate my weeks.  It’ll be more of the “journal” element to my blog vs. blog articles.

Anyway, to jump right into things, this is week 2 of Dominic sleeping in his own room.  We’ve had a few magical days where he slept through the night comfortably, but there have been some nights where he wakes multiple times.  Sometimes its due to coughing from the tail end of his cold and sometimes he just wakes.  The hard part really is that he wants me to lie down next to him to fall asleep!  I’ve asked Tristan to try, and Dom would literally tell him to “Go back, Daddy!!!” and start yelling for me.    I honestly don’t mind.  I love falling asleep with him, but the struggle is that I’m 7 months pregnant and getting in and out of bed with him isn’t easy (or comfortable.  or painless).

One night he woke up at least 3 times yelling for me, and I’m not sure if it’s because he had a bad dream or not, but he was just the sweetest.  I was sick and exhausted (and honestly didn’t want to go), but once I got into bed with him, he wrapped his arms around my neck and would go back to sleep.  It was almost like his way of making sure I couldn’t leave – that’s how tight his grasp was.

We’re reaching the home stretch with this pregnancy!  I forgot how hard these last few weeks could be.  The back pain, the belly pain, the Braxton Hicks.  As my friend Cassandra put it, there’s also that feeling of being constantly drugged.

How far along? 31 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 28 lbs
Symptoms: My back hurts if I’m on my feet for 5 minutes.  Braxton Hicks.  A lot of them.
Sleep: Hurts to roll from side-to-side, but hardly every comfortable.  Then you have the Dominic demands lol.
Best moment this week: I asked Dominic if he’s ready to meet his baby brother.  He said “Yeah.  He’s going to be just like me” with his hands to his chest.  Also, when Tristan brought me home an Ube mamon cake after work.
Worst moment of the week: The waking 3 times to comfort Dominic back to sleep.
Miss Anything? It’s starting to kick in – I’m missing wine.
Movement: Not as active and as much heavy punching as Dom, I must admit.  He does tend to move the most around 10am and 10 pm, and he rotates a lot more than Dom.
Food cravings: Bread. Carbs. Sugar.
Mood: Tired.  Always tired.
Looking forward to: My quiet weekend with Dominic with ZERO plans.

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