Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Vol 7

It’s a little late, but how is my boy fourteen months old already?  A year and 2 months?  It seems young still, but it’s crazy because it feels like after he turned a year old, the pace of his maturity and growth into becoming a young boy has sped up exponentially.

He learns SO FAST and seems to show us his new perspectives in life every day.  Everything lights up his spirit.  He makes efforts to communicate and knows how to get our attention without crying.  It’s unreal to think just a year ago he was helpless and needed our care 24/7.  Now he’s a mini-adventurer seeking everything life has to offer (and emptying every drawer and cabinet possible).

Things he loves to do now…

Pointing at birds walking around or in flight.
Crying whenever I go to the restroom as if I’m never returning
“Talk” with me in the car every morning I have to drop him off at his grandparents’
Says “dog,” “yum yum,” “dad,” “mom,” “hi”
Loves to clap whenever he stands
Waves hello and goodbye…to everyone
Nods yes or no when we ask him questions
Understands when we ask him if he’s ready for his diaper change
Understands when we ask him “do you want milk?” (it’s a big YES nod every morning)
Nonchalantly drops food on the floor when he’s full
Can probably be completely happy playing “peek-a-boo” all day
Loves snuggles, especially with momma (definite momma’s boy)
Loves food with texture – he grew out of smooth food like oatmeal and banana.  He loves noodles (definitely my son).
Loves being outside!  He gets really excited when I open the patio door to garden and wants to join.  Also loves looking at everything when we go on walks and when I show him new plants (especially dandelions)

You know, parents are 100% guilty about talking about all of the things that tire them about becoming a parent, but I think they can all also 100% agree that there is nothing better in this universe than being a parent.  I know I can.  It’s a crazy concept, I know.  It’s all of these little things he does that somehow make me feel so much more full of life.  Then, when this sweet little person decides he wants to snuggle with me or cries whenever I leave, I realize that having an impact in a child’s life is everything – even if it’s just being a place that makes him feel safe.  It immediately makes my stress melt away because I feel so much more purpose in my life.  It also doesn’t hurt that every time I see him, I also see his father.

I hope with all my heart he grows into a strong, happy, and purposed boy; but with that thought, I also realize he is a strong, happy, and purposed boy already.  I am so infinitely proud of him already.  I pray for constant guidance and wisdom as he grows and grows… and grows.  But time – dear time – please don’t run too fast.

There really are places in the heart you don’t even know exist until you love a child. —Anne Lamott

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