Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Vol 5

A few weeks ago, I came to terms with the realization that my son has outgrown his 9 month pajamas. I mean, I noticed it happening. The part that holds his feet were getting a tiny bit stretched. How on earth did this happen so fast? I remember when I first bought these pajamas, my husband jokingly told me “Those are huge! He’s never going to fit those.”  Now, here we are, retiring them.

I put him in a 12 month sized footie pajama and cried a little inside. Twelve month old. It’s coming up quick. He also fit those darn pajamas far too well.

On a different note, he also gets absolutely hysterical when I’m out of his vision now. It’s like overnight he just realized that I could leave. He grew a fear that I may leave him forever.

It’s sweet, really. I kinda love it, but there are a few moments where I wish he wouldn’t stress out so much. It breaks my heart. I mean, I can’t even go to the restroom without him freaking out. Sometimes he even gets fearful when I go into the kitchen to cook dinner. What makes me really sad now is that he even cries when he’s with daddy and I step away. I have to sit next to him. I’m thinking this is because we normally switch places to get things done, so he might be thinking that I’m leaving to go to work or run errands when I’m just trying to get a chore done. Oy. My darling, I love you to pieces.
You know what else he loves lately?  Books.  And menus.  Yup, on the same level.
He’s independent. He very much prefers to pick up his own food and feed himself. He’s happier when he gets to explore and do it himself. He climbs everywhere. He tries to stand on his own which lasts about 3 seconds before falling on his diaper bum. He smile and laughs until my heart melts (which is almost instantly). He did something I’m so proud of recently and that’s feeding mommy and daddy his snacks. He’ll reach out and feed us his tiny snacks with his tiny fingers. He also patiently lets me cut his nails now. Sometimes he curls his fingers because he can’t sit still too long, but daddy is always amazed at how his little man lets me cut his nails. It’s funny how some of the most mundane things can make you so proud when it comes to your child.Anyhow, his birthday invitations are now in the mail, so it’s time for this momma to start crafting away for her first baby’s *sniff* first birthday.
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