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[foodventures] Six Taste Food Tour

This past weekend, I had the honor of following along on a Six Taste food tour in Downtown LA to take some photos for them.  I had such a great time, I had to share more.

I know as a local, we don’t really think to check out anything that has the word “tour” in it.  I get that those Starline tours aren’t the best usage of time (they’re fun though – I’ve been on one), but food tours are a little different.  Six Taste is even better.
I’ve been on a food tour before while traveling, and on that tour we got small samplings from all of the different places.  That was fun and perfect as a tourist because I found out all of the highlights as well as a few fun facts in a short amount of time.  Six Taste takes it to another level.  Their goal is to make you feel comfortable as if you were a local while they share some of the hidden gems of the city.  You sit at each location, mingle with the rest of the group, and enjoy a wide variety of food.


Not only do they talk about the hidden gems of food in the city, they even share fun and interesting facts on some of the most beautiful and historic buildings in the city.  I have lived here all of my life and have spent a decent amount of time in DTLA, but even I learned quite a few new things!
Another great thing about this tour is that you’ll basically eat your way around the world.  Los Angeles is so full of diversity that it can be overwhelming to find out which spots offer the best of a certain culture’s cuisine.  This is your ticket to trying the best from 6 restaurants in 3 hours ranging from Thai to Jamaican to Austrian.





If you’re visiting LA, this is a great tour to go to capture the essence of the city and the diverse amount of food.  If you’re an Angeleno, the tour is so well-catered to make it eye-opening for locals as well as visitors (clearly, considering I learned a lot too – it was even my first time learning about all of the restaurants on the tour).

Needless to say, I am definitely excited to join a tour in the near future instead of being a spectator!

Also, they don’t limit their tours to just DTLA, so if there’s a different city you’d like a better taste of, check out their site.  As born-and-raised Angelenos, the owners puts a lot of heart into making each tour special, and you’ll really feel it when you go.  You won’t be disappointed!

Six Taste | All over Los Angeles

(Full disclosure – I grew up with the owner of the company but don’t think I’m being biased about the company’s tours.  Check them out on Yelp and TripAdvisor.  The team is excellent!)

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