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[foodventures] Day Date at Petit Trois

Sometimes it still surprises me how rare our dates are now.

I remember when we were at a restaurant with Dominic, Tristan looked at the bar on the other side, pointed at it and said “I miss that.  I miss just sitting at the bar, talking and waiting for a table.”  It’s crazy what you realize becomes more luxury than just normal after having a kid.  Sometimes I miss that too.

Don’t get me wrong!  I love my family.  I love my son.  I love the new “us.”  The thing is, there would be no new “us” if it weren’t for the start of the 2 of us, and I think it’s perfectly normal to be nostalgic about the journey that got us to the beautiful life that’s before us.  Sometimes you get so caught up in being good parents that you forget that there might actually have been life before kids.


I know I’ve mentioned on Instagram before how the only date nights we seem to have are to weddings, but in reality, you can hardly consider those “date nights.”  Most of the night is spent catching up with friends, meeting the guests sitting with us at the table, and quietly watching the new forever love story unfold.

So, needless to say, we were in need of a real date – to reminisce and nourish ourselves as not just dad and mom but as husband and wife.  I think it’s essential once in a while.  Thankfully, my brother and sister were free to watch Dominic for a bit, so we headed out for a little lunch date.

Tristan had his eye on this restaurant Petit Trois for some time now.  After enjoying French food in Paris, the memories of butter encompassing every bite of food was something he just couldn’t shake, and people have been raving about this spot as being deliciously authentic with classic French dishes.
The restaurant is small with 26 seats total.  We went right when it opened, so there was no line.  There were seats lined up facing the kitchen and seats lined up facing the wall.  We were seated towards the wall, but the entire wall is a mirror, so you get to see everything going on in the kitchen too.


The baguette and butter is AMAZING.  We were stuffed at the end of our meal, and yet we still found ourselves trying to eat more baguette.  We found out that you can purchase the baguettes if you want, so we might just come back to pick up baguettes one day.  The butter is shipped from France, so you know it’s good.  We still joke that we’d be happy going back just for the cocktails, baguettes, and butter.
Of course, we had to try the escargot which was – oddly – even better than the ones we ate in Paris.  Make sure you keep the butter on the tray for a bit to dip your baguette into.  The herbs, seasonings, and sprinkle of salt made it great to dip.
^Hubby got the steak frites while I got the confit fried chicken leg.  Amazing.
The restaurant next door, Trois Mec, is from the same team as Petit Trois, but it’s a lot harder to get into (if you thought 26 seats was difficult).  Notice how it has an old pizza store sign there so that it’s not attracting too much attention.  You have to pre-order tickets to go to the dinner here, and you don’t really know what the dinner is until you go.  I hear that the food is just as amazing though, and it’s something we really hope to do one day.
We had so much fun talking and reminiscing completely uninterrupted on our little day date.  Haha.  Instead of interrupting, however, I guess being parents has become such an integral part of us that we still really missed the little guy.  To be honest, probably 50% of our conversations were about him and just talking about how wonderful he is.  Little man, little man, you are officially the apple of our eyes.

Petit Trois | 718 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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