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[foodventures] The Barcelona Roundup

Aside from seeing Gaudi’s work in person, eating was my favorite thing to do in Barcelona.  The food is delicious!  Here, you can experience flavors from all over the taste spectrum in a single meal thanks to the invention of tapas (which is basically small plates or appetizers).  We went to two tapas restaurants and even though we ordered some similar plates, they tasted very different.  If you’re heading out to the city, my tip is not to be afraid to check out multiple tapas restaurants.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Another great thing is that you’ll also find some great, fresh food options here – probably typical for a beach-side city, but, hey, I can’t complain.  It kind of reminded me of home 🙂

Here’s where we ate in Barcelona!

Los Cachitos
Ronda Sant Pau, 4, 08001 – Ciutat Vella, Barcelona 
This was our first meal in Barcelona which was literally right around the corner of our hotel.  We just discovered it on Yelp, and with pretty good reviews and a seemingly family-friendly environment, we decided to head in for some Spanish tapas.

The Cachitos salad was one of the favorites that was unique to the restaurant.  Fresh chopped onions, fish, vinegar, olive oil – it was a simple and refreshing plate.  The other items we got are pretty much staples when it comes to tapas.  The pan con tomate (tomato, garlic, olive oil & salt on bread) was given automatically as part of our meal, but we also ordered the anchovies with olives and jamon.  All were pretty tasty, although the olives were incredibly salty here.  Estrella is the local beer of choice, and we also enjoyed some house-made flan.


La Boqueria
La Rambla, 91, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
This is basically an open market right off of La Rambla, and I’m coming to realize that open markets are my favorite places to visit when we travel.  It’s always at these places where you’ll find a wide variety of food options, local produce, and pretty much everything else that represents the food culture of wherever we are.  Here we had fresh made churros, enjoyed fresh fruit juice, admired beautiful chocolates, and bought cups of fresh cut tropical fruit to take back to the hotel. We went more than once, and we noticed that if you go during the later hours of the day, the prices will drop – particularly for the fresh juice as I’m sure they have to clear inventory for the next day.  Just a tip!







There were a ton of restaurant options, but we chose to eat at this Bar Central because it was towards the outer edge of the market which meant more space for the stroller (to avoid causing a traffic jam).  It was also a little quieter on the end since all of the action was happening in the middle of the market.
We sat in front of fresh seafood, and as people ordered, the cooks would just remove them off of the ice and put them on the griddle behind the bar.  Definitely cooked to order!  It was a delicious and a fun experience.



Brunch and Cake
Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 5, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
This spot seemed to cater to the hip and health-conscious.  All items on the menu looked appetizing and fresh, and everything that we ordered proved that to be right.  We ordered an acai bowl, eggs benedict (on waffles!), and banana bread.  Check out the presentation!  Everything really was as good and healthy as it looked.  It was a nice break from the traditional Spanish food to eat something fresh and familiar, and – let’s face it – so Instagram-worthy 🙂  We each also enjoyed a nice latte.


Carrer del Carme, 3, 08001 Barcelona, Spain (multiple locations)
We stumbled upon this spot while looking for a good tapas restaurant around La Rambla one night, and we knew we HAD to go inside.  Cronuts, donuts, chocolates, truffles, chocolate dipped chips, chocolate bars, and so much more!  It’s a chocolate lover’s dream.  The employees here were also great – they offered Dominic a free chocolate which he happily obliged.





El Pachuco
Carrer de Sant Pau, 110, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
This spot is one of our favorites! They served some really phenomenal Mexican food that’s actually making my mouth water right now.  We had the nachos,chalupas, and the banana dessert, but we still dream about the chalupas to this day.  While reading my past posts, my husband actually said “Hey… you never wrote about El Pachuco!” forgetting that I’ve been recapping all of our food adventures in a separate post.  That’s how much we love this spot.  Tip: if you’re with a party bigger than 2, go when they first open.  It is a small place, so if you don’t go early, it gets really crowded FAST so you’ll have trouble managing to find a spot to eat together.  It is definitely for good reason!  Also, the staff is amazing.  They were fun and so helpful!  We loved everything about this spot.


His favorite drink in Barcelona was orange juice, and here he is finishing mine happily^

La Rambla
The street itself is lined with restaurants that set up patio-like settings for people to dine.  None of the restaurants really stood out when trying to compare one to the next one; it actually felt like a lot of them were really competitive so we figured this was moreso made for tourists.  We knew we had to eat at one of the restaurants at least once and enjoy some seafood paella, so that’s what we did – with a very large glass of sangria too!  It was definitely a fun experience to sit, relax, and people watch, and something everyone should do once.



Sweet Gaufre
La Rambla, 83, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Craving something sweet?  Sweet Gaufre is right on La Rambla and is probably one of the cutest sweets shops.  They offer baked goods, coffee, and lots and lots of ice cream.  Although we didn’t find anything incredibly unique, it was incredibly convenient and a nice sweet stop for us.  Clearly, Dominic did not disagree.




Carrer de Sant Pau, 4, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
The second tapas restaurant we went to was a lot more modern, and you can taste it in the food.  I felt like the first one we went to was a lot more traditional, which is why I do encourage going to multiple tapas restaurants to get a better idea of how beautiful and diverse the cuisine is.  We ordered a lot more plates here, and none of them disappointed us.  I was particularly in love with their version of patatas bravas which you can find Dominic’s tiny hand diving for in a few pictures below.  Definitely a fun and easy-going environment.  They also spoke English.  Dominic managed to get free chocolates here too (can’t help but think they love babies in Barcelona!).



Wok to Walk
La Rambla, 95, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
If you find yourself on La Rambla, you will see a line here all day long.  We didn’t think much of it the first time we saw it, but after walking past it a few times and noticing the line was consistently long, we got a little curious.  Also, I love noodles, so trying out some popular noodles sounded like a grand idea.  Here you get to pick the noodles, the meat/extras, and the sauce, then they stir fry everything in a wok.  We were really underimpressed with our final product, although I don’t know if it’s because of the choice of noodles or sauce.  It is a convenient and quick way to get a good serving of food if that’s what you’re looking for (or just craving noodles)!



Something I particularly loved about Barcelona was the endless supply of freshly cut fruit.  We grabbed a few cups to enjoy at the beach, and we would buy some to keep available in the fridge for when we needed a snack.  They were really affordable and easy to find.

Also, Tristan noted great reviews about the place below, Mino.  However, when we got there, there was at least an hour wait, and we were already hungry.  If you want to try this place, make sure you call ahead to make reservations.

We need to find ourselves some El Pachuco-like tacos around here, and I’m going to start trying my hand at some patatas bravas.  Maybe one day I’ll get the recipe exactly right.  Maybe!

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