Constantly Growing, Constantly Capturing: Newborn Life

Yesterday, we hit a milestone as parents.  That milestone?  Our first blowout diaper change. Ha!

Our little one is now a week old, and we’re still settling into our new normal.  I don’t know if it’ll ever come to a point of ease though because he’s constantly growing.  Even within the week we’ve noticed changes in him.  His different facial features are becoming more defined, and he’s making new faces in his sleep (caught him in a big adorable smile today!).  The amount he needs to eat increases, and his need to be swaddled decreases.  I guess our new normal is… constant change!  It’s definitely added a new spice to our relationship as husband and wife – turned mommy and daddy.  We’re tired, but we’re definitely having fun with this new evolution.

I’m trying to capture more photos of Dominic.  Having a smart phone has been really handy, but I wish I had more energy to take photos with my DSLR.  I’m planning to do a newborn shoot next week; I’m just praying he’ll cooperate 🙂  I feel so torn sometimes; I dream of the moments when he’ll come up to me and ask for hot chocolate while we watch a Disney movie, but I also wish he would stay adorably tiny and peaceful forever!  He’s adorable.

Well, for now, it’s cute and cuddly snaps off the iPhone to savor these moments!


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