Maternity Clothes: Embracing the Bump

I think most women who have been pregnant before or are pregnant now can agree with me – comfort is key.  During the first few weeks of pregnancy, I have to admit I felt bloated 24/7.  It wasn’t pretty.  All I wanted to wear were dresses, and the thought of putting on jeans made me cringe!  I started running out of dresses to wear and ended up going out to get a few more to last me a few months.

I don’t mind pants too much now, but it has definitely been time to start adding a few bump-friendly pieces to my wardrobe.  I thought these would be fun to share.  Of course, this wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have mommy friends to grab some tips and advice from so THANK YOU to all the lovely ladies that have given me a tip or two on adjusting with pregnancy!
Check out my first set of bump embracing finds (NOT from a maternity section!)…

I feel like jersey maxi dresses are preggo staples. They help you look longer, leaner, and can stretch as your belly grows — not to mention, they’re so comfortable whether or not you’re expecting.  I got this one for our upcoming vacation but definitely plan on wearing it throughout the summer.

The yellow and black top is refreshing with a slit in the back to help adjust for the bump.  The shorts have a pretty lace detail on the bottom but also have an elastic waist to sit comfortably under baby.  I’m told the elastic waist is everything!

The floral top I got also has a slit on the back just like the yellow and black tank.  How fortunate of me that this style is so easy to find now!  I love how loose and comfortable it is.  The linen pants in the same photo also have an elastic band, and I just knew I had to get my hands on linen pants because they’re much more comfortable and cool for the warm summer/fall/winter we get in Los Angeles.

Lastly, I got this cute, lace crop top.  Worn with a cotton tank underneath and pants or with a high-waisted skirt, I think it’s so cute and definitely shows off a bit of that bump!  I think the crop top for preggos was inspired by Kristin Cavallari’s look:

Can you really say this isn’t cute?  Photo cred: Glamour Magazine

Clearly, I’m having a lot of fun with this.  On the plus side, all of these pieces can be worn comfortably after pregnancy too since none of them are technically maternity pieces (given some don’t stretch out permanently).  A few are just a size larger than I would typically buy.  I’m told buying an entire maternity wardrobe isn’t necessary; a few flexible pieces should be just enough to get you through the next 6 or so months without breaking the bank — and I’ll let you know how that goes.  A tip I got from many moms was that mixing and matching with your current wardrobe is ideal.

Oh, and each item that I purchased was under $15 a piece.  Not too shabby, huh?

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