Maternity Clothes: Embracing the Bump . Part 2

Ok, I caved.

When you reach the point where nothing fits and/or is uncomfortable, you have to start looking for things that keep you comfortable.

That said, I bought a few maternity items to help me along the second half of pregnancy.  I focused more on getting staple items than an entire wardrobe, and I’m pretty happy with how I’m coming along with these as far as my outfits go.  Some people manage to go through their entire pregnancy without buying a single maternity item (which was my original plan), but after trying these pieces, I’m soooo happy I caved.  What a difference in comfort!

Here’s what I ended up purchasing and would suggest friends to purchase to get through these last few months (and for my own future recollection when I have to dig these up again in a few years)…

Be prepared for an odd amount of selfies.

1 pair maternity jeans
The elastic band is everything.  I had no idea it would make such a big difference to my comfort.  I’m only sticking to one pair – they’re not cheap, and knowing that they’ll only need to be in my closet for a few more months is enough reason for me not to purchase more.  Random add: the kimono cardigans that are in nowadays really help to make a maternity outfit more modern and flattering 🙂

1 pair black maternity skinny slacks
Perfect for work since it’s been hard squeezing into my current pants!  Parts of the waist is elastic, so you can easily get away with wearing these post-pregnancy too.  They really look and feel great for the price point while keeping your look more professional

1 pair black maternity leggings
All moms that I know seem to swear that they lived in leggings.  I was never a fan of wearing them before, but they are amazingly comfortable with a growing belly.  I have some regular leggings, but I saw this one on sale and decided to try it out.  It’s amazing how comfortable that full-panel can make you feel!

1 casual heather grey maternity skirt
Going to work?  Casual day out?  It’s so easy to style, it’s comfortable, and it grows with you!  Best of all, heather grey is easy to transition through the seasons 🙂

2 Belly Button bands
These are pretty much pure genius.  I wish I had thought of it!  I got an email from What to Expect that I could get one band for free (just pay shipping!), so after I read about it, I decided to go for it.  You wear it over your belly and layer it over your pre-pregnancy pants.  There are buttons in the middle of the band that help you to button your pants beyond it’s normal capacity.  This way, your pants are still securely on, and you don’t have to buy more maternity pants!  I got one in black and one in white.

1 maternity tee, 2 maternity tanks
These tops are the ones with the ruched sides to help adjust for a growing belly.  I got these just to add to my basics for when I just need to step out and do something casual.  They’re comfortable and flattering since they emphasize the bump — and don’t make you look like a balloon!

I’d like to think these will last me until delivery, but we’ll see.  I have a terrible urge to shop, but I realized anything I buy now I might not feel like wearing as much later.  I’ll probably just purchase some loose non-maternity items here and there.

Other pieces that have been very bump-friendly are dresses and maxi-skirts.  My comfy go-to is to wear a maxi skirt over the belly then either tie a loose shirt up or wear a crop top that stops above the bump.  For shorter dresses, I like to throw on a blazer to give me a little more shape.

Definitely a fun challenge to still try to look put together while carrying a little human with you everywhere!

As far as baby goes, I passed the glucose test with flying colors (woohoo!), and he’s currently being monitored since his movements have been a little fickle.  Praying for the best — he might just be having a few lazy days, which is something his momma terribly needs!

Oh, if you saw my Instagram post regarding a certification exam, I passed!  I am so grateful!!

Happy shopping!

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