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Easter Fun at Au Fudge

First off, I have to thank my friend Reese for signing up for Au Fudge’s newsletter to find this event.  We’ve been talking about going to this spot for (what feels like) ages, so it helped us make this family date happen considering there was a date already attached to the event.  We didn’t have to try to hash out which of our weekends were free anymore!  I don’t know about you, but we need to plan things months in advance to really make it happen.

Au Fudge is dubbed as a family-friendly restaurant that was started up by Jessica Biel.  From what I gathered, it’s designed to make both parents and kids happy because the common consensus with restaurants is that if the kids are happy the parents are miserable and vice-versa (not sarcastic, but I personally don’t really feel this sentiment).  Considering how incredibly cute this place was (and that there was a FULL bar), we were a little confused as to why this place was really “family-friendly.”  Well, it wasn’t until we were near the end of our trip that we learned that on a regular day, parents can leave their kids in the play area to be supervised by au pairs while the parents have a quiet dinner and enjoy the aforementioned full bar.  “Ohhhh!” we said to ourselves.  “That’s what makes this ‘family-friendly’.” Noted for our next visit 🙂

Anyway, this event was a “Bunny Brunch” with fun arts and crafts activities for kids.  We were asked to bring baskets so that kids could create their own Easter baskets too!  It was a sweet treat, a great way to ring in the Easter weekend, and a fun introduction to a new family dining experience.

First off – Cookie decorating!

Dominic being cute while daddy does all of the work.

Ready to create her own bunny cookie!

Zay learning how to paint with chalk.

Dominic’s first encounter with the Easter bunny. Not so great!

Parents: “Let’s take a group picture!” Kids: “Foooood.”

When you try to take a picture of the kids…

When you tell them it’s ok to start eating…

Dom trying his hand at chalk painting.

Making a flower crown with mama.

The place is definitely adorable and what you’d expect considering it’s on Melrose.  Food is organic and dye-free, and the place is cared for sustainably so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals on the surfaces your kids are playing on.  Overall, we had a good time, and we’ll probably be back again to enjoy it all on a regular day at some point 🙂  Hope everyone is enjoying all of the spring festivities!

Au Fudge | 9010 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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