The Easiest Make-At-Home “Cronuts”

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A while back, we bought a 5-pack of Pillsbury crescent rolls, and we had 2 leftover that just sat in our fridge.  I could not figure out what to do with them.  I considered filling them with cinnamon sugar then baking them, but for some reason it felt like I could do more.  So, in true American fashion, I fried them.  Ha!

Guess what?  They turned out great!  That’s not just the pregnant me talking.  They’re super easy to make, and I’ve had a few people ask me how to make them so I figured I’d share.  Sure satisfies that carb/sugar craving, and it feels very indulgent just like those fancy cronuts you get at the donut shop (at a fraction of the cost!).  I made these as a special early Valentine’s treat for my boys, but you bet you can cut them up into any shapes you like before frying.

1 Pillsbury crescent roll tube
All purpose flour (just for dusting the dough)
Vegetable oil (or frying oil of choice) – enough to cover at least half of the dough
Cinnamon sugar mix (about 1/3 granulated sugar, 1/4 brown sugar, 2-3 tsp cinnamon – adjust to your taste!)

1. Heat your oil on low heat.  I didn’t get a temperature, but if you can imagine my stove having settings from 10-1, I had it at a 2.  You do NOT want to make it too hot because the outside of the dough will brown and crisp up too quickly to cook the inside, and you will end up with crispy outsides and dough on the inside.

2. While the oil heats up, open up the crescent roll container [purchase crescent dough here].  Dust your working surface with some all-purpose flour so that the dough doesn’t stick to it.  Unroll the dough, lay it on the surface, then fold it in half to make the dough thicker.  Press together.

3. Dust some all-purpose flour on the dough, and work out the perforated seams on both sides.  The more “seamless” the dough, the better looking the final product will be.

4. Cut into desired shapes [purchase cookie cutter here].  I used hearts for an early Valentine’s treat, but to use all of the dough, cut them into squares/rectangles.

5. Drop them into the frying oil (you can use some of the excess dough to see if it’s ready first).  Again, you do NOT want to make it too hot because the outside will brown and crisp up too quickly to cook the inside. The frying is fairly quick regardless – about 20-30 seconds each side to get that golden brown.  Note that I just used barely enough oil to cook them.

6. Scoop out the donuts to let them cool a bit [purchase cooling rack here].  While still a little warm, toss them in the cinnamon sugar mix.  (If you prefer to use powdered sugar, you can shake them in a bag while still warm similar to beignets or let them cool completely then sprinkle the powdered sugar on them.  If you’re bringing these to an event, do the latter so that the sugar stays white.)

Forgot to take a photo when I was doing this with the hearts, so here’s an example with another batch I made 🙂

8. Let cool completely and enjoy!  To add something extra sweet, melt some cream cheese frosting and dip away!

Yes, I normally do like to eat healthy, but you gotta indulge every now and then – especially when you live in a house filled with donut lovers 🙂  Hope this satisfies your cravings!

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