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[foodventures] DTLA Night Market

Looking back, I had a pretty jam-packed weekend!  Heal the Bay beach cleanup Saturday morning, DTLA Night Market that evening, then out to Redondo Beach with the family on Sunday.  Pretty fantastic way to start the summer!

Our friends Albert and Patty invited us to join them for the DTLA Night Market a few weeks ago, and without hesitation, we went to purchase our pre-sale tickets.  This is the first annual DTLA Night Market which was pretty much put together by the people behind the 626 Night Market — an outdoor food, merchandise, and music festival.  I think this one was about 80% Asian food, but you can’t really complain.  Asian food is delicious, but I may be biased.

I had some people warn me about the ridiculous lines at the 626 Night Market.  A coworker said she barely got to eat anything when she went, so we made an effort to go a little early.  We took the train which conveniently had a stop right across the street from the festival, and once we got in, the lines weren’t too bad.  They had extensive security which was probably the longest line we stood in. I’m assuming the booths weren’t too busy because it was the first Night Market here, but there was also so much room.  Booths upon booths were lined up, and as many people found themselves crawling in, there was still space to freely wander.

Once we got in, we pretty much jumped right in to the food.  I saw some Korean spicy cold noodles that looked good, and Tristan got some Taiwanese spicy noodles with minced garlic pork.  Patty found her way to a giant steaming pork bun, and Albert seeked out some delicious Szechwan-inspired ramen.  We probably covered these spots in less than an hour.  I have no idea what the names of these booths were which makes this less of a review and more of an experience post.  Whoops!  I couldn’t help it — we were savings our stomachs for this trip, and we were starving!
We tried several other good eats and drinks.  There were plenty, and I mean PLENTY of boba booths.  Our friends grabbed some sugar cane juice, and we had a strawberry rosewater tea.  Two booths that stood out were for the Japadog and the Ramen Burger — both had long lines, and considering we live in L.A. we didn’t feel a need to wait in line to try these things.  When the time comes, we can just go to the actual restaurants to try them out.  I suppose we were on a different kind of mission of food tasting — or experiential eating binge.  Depends on how you want to look at it.

I think the really cool thing about this event was that it was just in Downtown L.A.  Having such a variety of great food against that DTLA backdrop was pretty awesome.  It brought together a unique crowd to enjoy something a little different than what’s typically done in DTLA on a Saturday night.  They had live performers perform throughout the evening which were pretty enjoyable too.

Yes, that’s a macaron ice cream sandwich. 🙂
I’m actually looking forward to the possibility of going next year just to binge — er, sample — some new and good eats.  It was a lot of fun trying all these different dishes (like a hot and sour soup with glass noodles!).  Thanks for a definitely delicious and filling trip for all of us!  Until next time!
I love this town.

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